Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Luke fits inside his basket this year….  He seemed pretty happy about it.

As part of our Easter prep, Jace and I colored Easter eggs.  Once the messy part was over, we invited Adam in to check them out.  Jace decorated the colorful eggs with stickers.  Apparently the crosses are “stop lines”?  I dunno, but they were his favorite stickers….  But the eggs were nice and brightly colored and we really didn’t make that much of a mess.  And Jace had a great time!

Jace and I headed to Weis to pick up Peeps for an Easter treat.  We took the trike, like usual.  And Jace pedaled!  We’ve been going on trike rides with his friend, who pedals, but Jace hadn’t really been interested.  Weis had perfectly smooth and flat floors, and he just took off!  It was awesome.  He pedaled all around the store with all the groceries piled in the back.  He was very proud of himself.  Plus, he looked cute riding home with Peeps in his front basket.

When we got home, Jace colored some Easter decorations, he played in the sink (and required an outfit change), we played with his new bubble toy on the back porch, and then it was time for bath.  Luke needed a bath too.  And the animals were apparently interested as well, because all seven of us ended up in the same area.  I thought it was a funny picture (Adam took it, but you can see the rest of us!).

The next morning was EASTER!  Luke and I dozed and Adam and Jace slept in.  It was great.  When Jace got out of bed, he found bunny footprints leading downstairs to Easter baskets!  He was so cute and so excited.  He shouted “I woke up and it’s Happy Easter for me!”

Jace pulled the claw out of his basket and was ready to play.  And play and play and play.  It took some coaxing to get him to check out the eggs.  He would find an egg, open it, exclaim about the candy, then ask if he could eat it – as he tossed it into his mouth.  After about six eggs we suggested he not eat anymore candy for a while.  He agreed – and promptly lost interest in the eggs!

Our neighbor stopped by with baskets for the boys – cute plastic eggs, candy, and giant stuffed animals!

Jace painted a bunny.  Ate some chips and salsa.  And, when given his choice of activities, asked if he could play in the sink.  And he did.  In his defense, we do have a really awesome, new, huge sink.

After cinnamon rolls for breakfast, we made our Easter treat – Peeps in rice krispy treat nests.

Jace was on a bit of a sugar rush….

And Luke was ready for a change of scenery…

So we headed out for a walk (and to deliver our Peeps in nests).  Jace pedaled his trike.  And got out some energy.  Of course, he came home and climbed the changing table, so he didn’t use up THAT much energy.  He and I played outside with his push car, then he and Adam played inside with his wagon (he’s a choo choo train in the first picture and a fire truck – with a flashing light – in the second picture).

Eventually the sugar started to wear off, and it was time for bed.  It was a great Easter!


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