Playing Outside

It’s been nice weather, so we’ve been outside a lot!  We took the Stomp Rocket into the backyard (with Luke!).  Ever since Grandpa’s visit, Jace is very interested in rockets.  Grandpa would pick Jace up and fly him around the room (which he loved).  So now we pretend that everything is a space rock (not sure why he insists on saying “rock” instead of “rocket”).  There was a lot of shouting of “1,2,3 lift off” and “space rock in outer space!” while we played with the Stomp Rocket.  It was really fun.  Check out the video!  We also went to the dog park and played at the playground.  I like that Jace is confident, but sometimes he’s a bit too fearless.  He watched some big kids slide down the pole at the park and decided he could do it too – on his own!  Lucky for me, our friend was there to help.  🙂

Stomping the Space Rock(et) – video

A few more pictures – check out that head control!  And Easter socks!  And Jace played with Legos and built…. THE IRONPIGS STADIUM!  It was hilarious.  He even used the pitchfork to feed the Lego guys hot dogs!  Luke has been having some happy days – and cat naps on the couch.  And Adam had yesterday off, so Jace has been having fun playing with his Daddy.  I can hear them playing hide and seek right now.  “We’re good hiders and good seekers, Daddy!”  Cute!

I got both boys in their “brothers” shirts.  I have attempted this before and there is always either a diaper issue or a cream cheese toast issue or too many tears for a good picture.  Not like these are great pictures, but I’m posting them anyways!  They’re cute together.  🙂

And lastly, here’s a video of Jace singing to Luke.  Jace understands that he gets concentrated attention once Luke is asleep in the swing, so he’s always ready to encourage Luke to go to sleep!

The “You Have to Sleep, Baby Luke” Song – video


One thought on “Playing Outside

  1. The brother pics of them labeled in their shirts are cute cute cute! Seriously! And I love that Jace is motivated to get Luke to sleep- toooo funny! Wonder what he’ll be motivated to make him do next? How exciting he’s old enough for duplos! Duplos are the bestest foundation!!

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