Luke, Luke, Luke

Luke – the “after midnight” collection….

Luke – in a hoodie

Luke – up close and almost smiling

Luke – tummy time…. with the cat

In other news, Jace is all about fire trucks lately (even at 5:30am).  Jace is also getting more interested in coloring/drawing.  He got crayons and coloring pages as a party favor this weekend and had a great time.  This weekend was also “bring your own cup” day at 7-11.  Adam got 64 ounces of Slurpee in an apple juice container.  He was happy.  On Sunday, we went to Rita’s and got water ice.  They do free water ice on the first day of spring.  It was much too cold to eat outside, but it wasn’t snowing this year, so that was nice!  Jace and I got birdseed to try and attract birds to our backyard.  So far we’ve just had fun throwing handfuls of it over the balcony.  Luke has been helping me with work in the evenings.  Except tonight.  Tonight he’s just screaming.  Which is why I’m posting instead of doing my work.  I get about three words typed before I have to pick him up.  But he’s so cute.  Look how tiny his hand is!

And lastly, Jace and Luke.  Jace loves his little brother so much!  It’s wonderful!


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