We Have a Tolerant Dog

Nothing much to post about this week….  I was super behind on work, so I spent most of the weekend getting caught up.  Wen went to a birthday party, but I didn’t take any pictures.  All of Jace’s friends are turning 3, so it’s birthday party season!  The weather has been cloudy, but not overly cold, so we’ve been at the parks a fair amount.  We had a few really rough sleep nights, so the days have been low-key.  Andddd, that’s about it!

So – a few pictures from the park.  It’s great because, while all of Jace’s friends still nap, their nap schedules are slightly staggered.  That means that most of the time someone is available to meet us at the park.  We got to the park the other day and Jace said, “Where are all my friends, Mommy?”  One text message later and several of his friends were on the way.  Jace and Daphne are park friends and they get along really well.  They both like to do things at the same time – the slides, the stairs, running in the field, smacking a tree with a stick – so it’s fun to watch them play together.  Jace has gotten very “sweet” since we had Luke.  He’s always willing to help his friends out – he likes to hold hands, guide them with a hand on the back, or help them up and down the stairs.  It’s cute.

We also played at the park today.  And Jace almost caught a squirrel!  All of our friends bailed on us because it looked like rain.  And they were right.  We got caught in the rain, so we hid-out in the tunnel slide.  It worked!  The rain turned into a mist (with thunder and lightning!) and Jace suggested we go inside to get warm.  I headed for home and he said, “No, let’s go inside at Weis!”  And so, of course, we did.  Adam met us there and we picked up food for dinner and walked home together.  I love love love where we live!

Things at the house have been good.  Luke likes tummy time.  He’s been having more happy and awake time, which is really fun.  Jace was very excited to sit in the glider with the cat and rock, so I took his picture.  Adam took a picture of Jace watching iPad in bed and it turned out pretty cute.  And Jace and I made candy flowers that we’re going to take to our neighbors tomorrow.

Jace and Luke are still super cute together.  I think Luke is smiling in the first picture!  Probably more because Jace’s hand touched his cheek, but still!

And lastly, we have a tolerant dog!


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