Luke Smiled!

Okay, I so don’t have a picture of it, but LUKE SMILED!  He’s smiled before, but this was the first REAL smile.  And it was SO SO SO SO SO cute!  I was super excited.  He woke up happy.  Adam worked some sort of magic and got Jace to sleep past 7am, so I had time to play with Luke one-on-one.  AND HE SMILED AT ME!  Hopefully he’ll smile more in the next couple of days and I’ll catch it in a picture.  Ah!  So cute!

Here are a few pictures from today.

And a few short videos.

Jello Jigglers – video
We got Easter molds for Jello Jigglers.  It’s been fun.  Jace loves eating them, but has a hard time saying “Jello Jiggler”.  It’s cute.

Yes, Papa – video
Adam and Jace have several routines they go through each night during bath time/bedtime.  One of the routines is reciting this poem.  It’s from a youtube video Jace found and he looooves to recite it with Adam.  He even makes his stuffed animals recite it sometimes too!

Singing to Baby Luke – video
Sometimes when Jace wouldn’t sleep, I would make up songs for him.  They started out the same, then I’d recap our day and go over what we were going to do the next day – all in song format.  Well, Jace now likes to do that for Baby Luke when Luke is crying.  I can’t catch it on video ’cause it seems mean to video while Luke is crying.  Plus, you wouldn’t be able to hear Jace’s voice over Luke’s screaming.  But Jace did agree to sing the beginning part of his song for Baby Luke while he was happy.  It’s really sweet.


2 thoughts on “Luke Smiled!

  1. I LOVE all your pictures, videos, and stories, SR. Your family is so much fun to watch and follow. I just wish you could get a little more sleep! xoxo

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