An Easter Party

First, a few things I didn’t post last time….  I figured the last post needed to focus on Luke (two months!), so I didn’t want to include Jace-exclusive stuff.  Here we have Jace reading his lift-the-flap book, Jace showing off his climbing skills, and Jace mastering the strawberry huller (“to get off the yucky part”).

Since the picture doesn’t really show off his climbing skills, here’s a video!

Climbing the Rock Wall – video

And now, the Easter Party!  We had some of Jace’s friends over today.  After playing with toys for a while, we ate a ridiculous amount of Easter-themed sugary snacks.  Fruit cups that looked like chicks, carrot cake muffins, bunny cookies, peanut butter cookie Easter baskets, and m&m pretzel flowers.  And then we headed down for the Easter egg hunt!  Jace was so excited.  He followed the bunny footprints.  He carried his basket.  And then…. he stayed on the porch.  There was some confusion with the start of the hunt (“Are you guys ready to go?”  Two kids hear the word go and start hunting.  Jace stays on the porch.  “Wait, wait, no, stop!”  And Jace thinks he’s in trouble and decides not to hunt.  Sigh!).  In any case, he still had fun.  And there were over 125 eggs to find – filled with chocolate and stickers and chocolate and little toys and chocolate and mardi gras beads and chocolate – so there was plenty to go around.  And Luke was so entertained by everything that he spent (most of) the party hanging out happily in my arms!

All in all, a successful party.  Jace says he had fun, which is really all that matters to me!


One thought on “An Easter Party

  1. I have to stop reading this right after the climbing wall video because it was soooo adorable i couldn’t wait to tell you. I totally love the way you let him figure out each move on his own and then to get down on his own. I love his voice. I love that he needed to touch the top one and he needed to touch you!!!!! Way to share an experience, Jace !!!! XOXO

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