Two Months Old!

Luke is two months old today!

This is a pretty sweet and cuddly way to wake up each morning….

Then it was time to head downstairs for the photo shoot!  Jace was in on the action, of course.  Luke was okay with the whole thing.  And the elephant was very cooperative.

When I was looking at the pictures this afternoon, I noticed that he was in “fencer pose” for one frame.  It reminded me a lot of a picture I have of Jace, so of course I had to compare them….  Luke at 2 months (he was 2 weeks early) and Jace at 3 months (he was 6.5 weeks early) makes them approximately the same adjusted age.  While the pose is the same, that’s about it.

It was hot out today.  Luke kept overheating in the carrier and we were doing a lot of walking, so I couldn’t just let him lay on a blanket.  Soooo, I found a short-sleeve onesie for him.  And then, naturally, had to compare with pics of Jace in the same outfit.  Not like I think it’s necessary to say, but Luke has the dark blue background, Jace has the light blue background (Luke at 2 months, Jace at 2.75 months).

While there are a few similar features, I don’t think they look very much alike.  Neither does Adam.   But they’re both cute!  And I can’t believe Luke is 2 months old already!!!!


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