Grandma and Grandpa Came to Visit!

YAY YAY YAY!  I cannot even tell you how excited we were for this visit.  All four of us (well, maybe not Luke) were counting down the days until we finally got visitors.  HURRAY!  It was a great visit.  And now I’m super behind in posting and have waaaay too many pictures to share.  So, I’ll try not to type much!

The weekend before Grandma and Grandpa got here was fun.  Luke’s adorable, so I take lots of pictures of him.  When Jace was little, he liked to do his tummy time on my legs and I’d fly him around.  I tried that with Luke, and of course, Jace wanted to play too.  But that works.  🙂  We had sunshine finally, so we were outside a lot.  We had a windy picnic in the park, played chase, and played at the playground.

Jace, Luke, and I went to the airport to pick up Grandma and Grandpa….  And it was non-stop fun from there on out!  We went to the park….

We went to the Trout Nursery….

We went to the gym (and lunch!) with Heather and Cara…. (Quote from the gym, “I not can reach those rings myself.  Grandpa, lift me up!”).

We walked to Weis, because, well, that’s what we do every day.  We walked to a Chinese restaurant for our first dinner out with Luke.  We walked to Weis again.  And again.  And again.  We shelled corn (?!).  Jace played with Grandpa’s hat.  Adam and my dad went to National Pig Day at the IronPigs stadium.  We walked to Weis in the dark and still did cookie club – with mittens on.  We made Jello Jigglers.  We had a picnic on the front porch.

Luke spent some quality time with Grandma….

Jace built a wagon with Grandpa at the Home Depot workshop (“I hammer!  At The Home Depot!  With Grandpa!”)….

Jace and Grandpa played doctor with his new doctor kit – (“Come here, it’s time for a shot.  It not going to hurt.  It going to be fun!”)….

My amazon shipment arrived – in a big box with a ridiculous amount of those air packet things for padding.  And Jace and Grandma put those to use….!

Playing in a Box – video

Jace and Grandpa discovered a fun game – Space Rocket!  Jace requests to be a space rocket (okay, it sounds more like space rock to me) and Grandpa flies him around the room.  He loves it!  ‘Course Jace loves most things lately.  And he loves everything that has to do with his Grandma and Grandpa!  🙂

We walked to the Easter Egg Hunt at the local community center (and had cupcakes!)….

I took a bunch of pictures of Jace and Luke hanging out on the couch – though Jace is in a red shirt for all of them!

We even got a family picture!  YAY!

When it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to leave, we were all sad.  Having visitors was awesome.  The blow was lessened a little bit for Jace when he realized he’d get to ride the elevator and escalator at the airport – AND walk through the spinning door.  Luckily (?), the line for security was super long, so Jace and Grandma rode the elevator and escalator over and over.  And over.  And over.  In fact, Jace even rode the elevator all by himself (there are only two floors and the escalator is right next to the elevator so I could watch him get on and meet him at the top AND the elevator is clear, so I could see him the whole time).  But still – it was a big accomplishment.  Then, when Grandma and Grandpa had to walk through security, Jace ran to say goodbye.  He was super cute.  “Goodbye Grandma.  Goodbye Grandpa.  See you soon!  Have fun at the airport, I guess!  Bye!!!!”

The next morning, the boys decided to take turns sleeping.  Luke woke up super early, then, when he finally fell back to sleep, Jace woke up.  Then, when they were both awake, they decided never to sleep again (ha – only kinda joking).  Jace gave the cats checkups (they were surprisingly patient patients), then we headed outside.

It’s been gorgeous this week!  And Luke dozes in the carrier, so that helps.  We played at one park with our friends Maria and Daphne, came home and painted, then headed to another park with Cara and Heather.  Adam and Cuervo came to the park too to check out the NEW DOG PARK.  Yay!  They’re in the background of the pictures with Jace in the swing.  And it’s fun watching Jace and his friends on the playground.  They like to follow each other around and do the same stuff.  It’s so cool to see him play with his friends!

Today, Luke and Jace did that whole opposite sleep thing again.  Fun.  So Luke and I read some books, then he dozed while Jace and I had breakfast.  Jace and Luke are so cute together.  Especially in the mornings!  Though sometimes Luke gets loud and Jace responds by covering his ears and yelling along with him.  That’s fun.  🙂

Today was 79F in the shade, so we headed to the park.  And stayed there for almost 4 hours.  So much fun!  Luke dozed off and on.  He likes the sunshine and thought the wind was okay.  Jace loved the swings, was fascinated by the tractors, and had a great time playing on the blanket with “little brother baby Luke”.  Jace has a song he sings to Luke when Luke starts to cry.  It’s adorable.  I’ll try to record it sometime.  After our four hours at the park, I was exhausted.  We put Luke in the swing, unswaddled, and he fell right asleep.  And slept 2.5 hours!  It was a great day.  I’m hoping the park wore Jace out and he’ll sleep through the night.  And I’m hoping the great evening nap doesn’t mean Luke will be awake all night….  We’ll see!

Phew!  Long post and LOTS of pictures.  But it’s been so long since I posted.  And we did so much fun stuff.  And we have some big picture-intensive events coming up in the next two days, so I needed to get caught up!  So, all caught up.  The visit with Grandma and Grandpa was wonderful, the warm weather has been great, and Jace and Luke are the best brothers ever!


3 thoughts on “Grandma and Grandpa Came to Visit!

  1. Such a great post. I want to hear the song Jace sings when Luke is starting to cry. That sounds adorable. There were so many cute pictures in here. They ARE the best brothers! !!!!!!

  2. GREAT post, SR! Thank you! Luke is looking so alert these days, and Jace is without question, the best big brother EVER. That is so wonderful. I hope they’re best friends forever. And it was so fun seeing a picture of my sweet sister, Bugs. xoxo

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