Head Control

Jace LOVES Luke.  He really likes to hug him and give him a kiss.  I thought the novelty would wear off.  It didn’t.

Jace also likes to show Luke things.  We went to the gym and Jace was very excited to show off for Baby Luke.  And Luke was actually pretty interested in watching Jace!

Jace wanted to make sugar cookies shaped like dog bones.  And so we did.  We also took a walk to Weis this week because it was sunny.  It was also windy.  And COLD!  But it was good to be outside.  Jace found a huge stick.  Sometimes I wonder what people think of us at Weis when we wander around the store with the little tiny shopping cart, several sticks, a few leaves, and a stuffed animal.  Annnnyways….  On our walk home, the stick snapped in half.  The pieces were about equal sized, and Jace decided they were windshield wipers.  It was cute – he just kept shouting “swish, swish, swish!” and singing Wheels on the Bus.

Swish, Swish, Swish – video

Wheels on the Bus – video

Sleep.  Sigh.  How does a 6 week old need less sleep than I do?!  Luke doesn’t like to sleep very much.  The other night I was exhausted.  I tried everything I could think of to get Luke to sleep.  A loose swaddle, in the bouncer, on the bed was the semi-magic combination.  Got a solid 30 minutes of sleep.  We’re still working on convincing Lukas that he loves the pacifier.  He doesn’t believe us yet, but we’re trying….

Jace has been riding his bike more.  He insists on putting on his “bike hat” (sombrero) so he can be a “cowboy” while he rides.  At least it’s creative, right?!

When he’s not riding his bike, Jace has a new favorite activity….  Playing with a Christmas decoration that we forgot to pack with the Christmas stuff.  I’m actually pretty impressed that he can hang the tiny ornaments on the tiny hooks.  Takes him a while to do all 24 ornaments, which is great!

Lastly, check out Luke!  He’s getting pretty good with the whole head control thing!  And he’s super cute!  He had his 6-week check up on Thursday.  He’s 7 lbs 10 ounces.  So big!




2 thoughts on “Head Control

  1. Oooohhh, that big closeup picture of Luke is so beautiful. It’s going on my Bulletin Board of Beloved Babies, Toddlers, and Big Kids. (Or in other words, or entire extended family.) xo wal

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