Reading, an Awesome Stroller, and a Pacifier

Jace hasn’t been very interested in books lately, but he IS interested in reading to Luke.  Which is great!  He likes to help Luke turn the pages.  When that doesn’t work, Jace contents himself with just holding Luke’s hand.  The last picture is my favorite.

Reading with Baby Lukas – video
Jace likes to read to Luke.  He also likes when Luke “does things”.  I’ve tried explaining that Luke can’t really control what his hands are doing yet, but Jace doesn’t get it.  Any time Luke bumps his hands together, Jace cheers because Luke is clapping.  And any time Luke taps Jace, Jace gets exited because it means Luke wants to hold hands.  Overall, it’s very cute!

Luke is awake a lot more often lately – and sometimes he’s not screaming while he’s awake! – so I’ve been taking more pictures.  Luke loves looking out windows!

Friday morning, I was hanging out on the bed with Luke when I heard Jace wake up.  There was lots of noise before Jace wandered in to see me.  And when he walked in, he was dragging the shower rod, curtain, and liner.  Interesting start to the day!  We headed downstairs.  I had an activity in mind involving those little pompoms.  Jace saw the bag of pompoms and decided he had an activity in mind too.  It was crazy!  Then we did some tummy time (staring out the window, of course), then headed out to run some errands.  Aren’t they cute together in the car?  Jace had a lot of energy at Target.  Luke, on the other hand, slept almost the entire time.  Hurray!

We all got haircuts this weekend (okay, not Luke!).  Jace was looking quite shaggy before hand.  And quite adorable afterwards (ignore the chocolate on his face)!

The weather was warmer this weekend so we got a chance to try out our new stroller.  And I LOVE it.  I loved our old stroller, so we stuck with the same brand.  And this thing seems like it’s gonna be perfect!  It’s big, but I think it has to be to hold two kids.  We went for a short walk and ended up at Wegmans for dinner.  The fresh air was nice, we got to see the train, Jace was excited they were playing cartoons in the cafe area, we got to ride the elevator (exciting!), and Jace practiced pushing the stroller once we made it home.  Fun!

The next few days were pretty good too.  We spent a lot of time in our new cardboard airplane/spaceship/helicopter.  Jace and I went to the mall for a few things.  On our way out, Jace suggested ice cream.  And he was so cute I couldn’t say no.  Monday was gorgeous – 50F and sunny.  We took full advantage and walked to Weis (suuuuper slowly – through the “jungle”), then had a picnic lunch on our front porch – in t-shirts and bare feet!

We had a pretty nice morning today, but Luke was doing his eat/sleep for 15 minutes/scream routine again.  So we tried a pacifier.  Luke wasn’t sure about it….  I was so excited he didn’t spit it out instantly that I took a picture.  Jace thought that was a good idea, so he got his camera and he took some pictures too – up close!  We tried the pacifier over and over today.  Hopefully Luke will decide he loves it.  In the words of Jace, “It quiet when Baby Lukas not screaming!”

We had Heather and Cara over to play today.  It’s really fun when they come over because Jace and Cara play *together*.  Their favorite game seems to be chase, which is cute.  But today they fished together, played with the stomp rocket together, played catch (kinda), painted together, and, ummm, ran around with baskets on their heads together?!  Anyways, they seem to have fun interacting.  And they make each other laugh a lot.  It’s fun to seem him playing with a friend!

Lastly, when Adam came home today, Jace wanted to “fly”.  This is a favorite activity, so I figured I’d take a video.

Flying – video


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