Cats, Valentines, Painting, and Puddles

The cats love all the new baby items….

Luke is awake more during the days lately!

Jace and Luke are pretty adorable together.  Jace likes to read to Luke now.  He even points to different objects in the pictures so Luke can see them.

Valentine’s Day was fun.  My friend gave me stickers for Luke to wear for all of his first holidays.  It was tricky getting a picture that didn’t have his hands blocking the message.  But it was a great Valentine’s Day with my THREE Valentines!

Jace likes chocolate.  He was pretty excited to get to eat the chocolate piece from my Edible Arrangement.

It’s been really cold here lately, so we haven’t been going outside.  Which means Jace has a lot of energy.  So we did shaky acorn painting!  I think the finished result was really pretty.  Painting the acorns was a little messy, but Jace had a great time shaking the oatmeal canister!

Jace is a great sous chef.  He put butter on the french bread for us.  And the counter.  And the knife block.  And the cabinets.  And the chair.  It was exciting.  But I can’t really criticize because I dropped an entire pot of (fairly cool) spaghetti sauce all over the hot oven, the floor, and Jace….  Oops.

Jace likes to go fishing over the banister.  It’s cute because he’ll reel in his line and sometimes he says “I not catch anything” and looks very sad.  Other times he’ll say “I caught a fish for Baby Luke!”  I’m not sure how he determines if he’s going to catch something or not, but those invisible fish are out there!

Lastly, after an entire day of rain, Jace and I headed outside to jump in puddles.  Fun!


One thought on “Cats, Valentines, Painting, and Puddles

  1. So many things to reply to in this post! The front picture is soooo adorable, they look so much alike. The picture of holding hands!!!! One of my new favorites. I think those paintings turned out frame worthy! Such full happy days. Miss you all so much.

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