Bunnies with Parachutes

We finally rotated toys.  It is quite exciting – it’s like Jace has a room of new toys!  He’s especially excited about his Smart Animals/track and about the Learning Puppy.  He’s been reading books to the Learning Puppy.  The Learning Puppy sings a lot of songs.  Sooo, Learning Puppy + xylophone = very loud “concerts”.  At least his little singing voice is adorable!  Also – in the first picture, notice how clean things look!  And how Luke is sleeping while Jace plays happily!  Makes it look like I totally have things under control, right?!  Hahahaha.

We got another chance to walk to Weis this week.  Today was a high of 19F and super windy, but Tuesday was pretty nice.  Jace loves getting to play outside.  And stomp snow!

Tuesday was Fastnacht Day, which is a big deal here in the Lehigh Valley.  Not like we need an excuse to eat sugary carbs, but we’ll take it!  Yum!  Picture one was candid.  Picture two was Jace’s “smile”.

Yesterday we had a fun day.  Heather and Cara came to play and they brought a new toy – parachuting bunnies!  I know I took a lot of pictures, but it was so cute to watch Jace and Cara with their new toys.  They’d carefully climb the chairs, slowly launch the bunnies, stand on tiptoes to watch them land, scream excitedly about doing it again, jump down, race down the stairs (sometimes sitting down to slide down the stairs), grab their bunnies, then race back up for another round.  Over and over and over and over.  Jace was so exhausted that he actually took a nap!  Well, a tiny catnap on the couch.  But still!  He pulled my arm around him, leaned against me, and was asleep in less than 10 seconds.  And slept for 40 minutes!  The bunnies were fun – and the video is cute.

Bunnies with Parachutes – video

Today was a much more low-key day.  Jace got a Valentine in the mail and he loved it.  He played happily with the stickers and the PEZ dispenser (which he named “Candy Bear”).  We even made Valentines for his friends!  Then I asked what else he wanted to do and he said “take pictures of Baby Luke again”.  Apparently he liked our 1-month photo shoot yesterday.  He got the blanket out and grabbed his digital camera.  I should check his memory card on there – I imagine he has a ton of blurry pictures of his hand by now!  But he has fun with it.  Jace also rediscovered his reusable paint with water book.  Around 4pm when Luke finally decided to stop eating/crying (seriously – he did one of the two pretty much all day), Jace suggested Baby Luke sit on the couch and watch him paint.  And he did.  It was cute and Jace pointed out all kinds of things from his paintings.  They are adorable together!  The video doesn’t show much (and stops abruptly when Luke tips over!), but I like the way Jace interacts with Luke.  He’s such a good big brother!  And Luke is such a good little brother!

Jace and Luke on the Couch – video


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