Brother Tummy Time

iPhones make it too easy to take too many pictures….  That being said, here are my sixteen favorite pictures from our tummy time session yesterday.  Jace and Luke are just so cute together!  Jace was super encouraging the entire time, showed Lukas all the different toys on the mat, and gave lots of hugs and kisses.

Adam had to work today.  Jace and I had planned on doing the Home Depot Kids Workshop, but it just didn’t happen.  It would have been pretty loud for Lukas, he generally likes to nurse all morning, and Jace didn’t seem that interested in going anyways….  Instead, he wanted to ice skate!  I’m gonna have to find more paper plates….

In general, when Adam works a Saturday, Jace and I meet him for lunch.  We figured we’d keep up the tradition today, so Jace, Luke, and I headed to the pizza place to see Adam.  It was our first social outing.  You have to pack a lot of stuff just to get out of the house with two kids in the car.  Goodness!  I’m glad the grocery store is walking distance….  Anyways, we made it to the restaurant and lunch was delicious.  Luke, however, was not thrilled to be there.  After pizza, we headed to 7-11 (right next door!) for “special drinks”.  Jace was thrilled.  Luke was not.  But he did fairly well in the car on the drive home, and he seemed happier once we were back at the house.

This afternoon we decided to Facetime my parents.  We haven’t used Facetime in a while and thought Jace would have fun.  Well, chaos ensued.  Seriously, things are more under control than that most of the time.  As soon as my parents answered, the dog started getting sick, Jace went crazy showing off for his “audience”, Lukas started screaming, and toys were flying everywhere.  Chaos, chaos, chaos.  Can you see how hard my parents are laughing in this picture?!?!  It was non-stop action.  Hopefully we didn’t scare them away from visiting….  Really, mostly of the time we’re semi-under control over here!

Lastly, here are two videos.  Jace likes to sing to Lukas while playing the guitar.  It’s adorable.  He does not, however, like me to video his performances.  These are far from his best performances, in an accurate lyrics sense, but they’re still pretty cute!

Twinkle Star Song – video
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Jace calls it the Twinkle Star song.

A B Song – video
ABCs – Jace calls it the A B song.


2 thoughts on “Brother Tummy Time

  1. There are some days I still can’t believe you have two little boys! Then I step back and realize you and Adam were made to be parents! And Jace was made to be the bestest older brother ever! ❤️❤️

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