I like weekends.  Adam was home all weekend (yay!).  He watched Lukas so I got some time by myself with Jace (double yay!).  I got some errands done, Jace and I went shopping together, we got the house straightened up, did a ton of laundry, and bought groceries.  Productive weekend!  Jace and I found a half-priced snowman cake that we had to have.  Jace kept asking if it was “Happy Birthday Time”.  When we finally dished the cake, he insisted on a candle and a song before we ate.  It was cute and made him super happy.

Jace still loves to hold Baby Lukas.  Sometimes I’ll hand him a happy and content baby and Jace hugs him and kisses him so enthusiastically that Luke starts to cry.  Other times I can hand him a semi-fussy baby and Jace will hold him and whisper to him and Lukas actually calms down.  It’s great!

Cuervo is doing pretty well with the new addition to our family.  I think he still misses the days when our lives focused on dog parks and walks.  They did open a new dog park near us this month, so maybe this summer we’ll get to do more Cuervo-friendly outings.  Tonight, Lukas has decided he does not want to sleep in his swing.  He’ll sleep balanced on pillows (for a few minutes) or sleep in my arms (for a long time).  This might have a little to do with the fact that Jace likes to play with the buttons on the swing any time Lukas is in there….

Lastly, Lukas has decided that maybe tummy time isn’t so bad!  Jace gets very excited for “play time with Baby Lukas” and is always dragging the tummy time mat out for us.  Seems to be going pretty well so far!


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