Fleecie Footie Jammies

All this snow has been awesome.  Jace and I have gotten a few chances to play in it….  I tried to convince him to make a snow angel, but he insisted he would “disappear forever” if he tried.  I did get him to lay down in the snow, but that was about it.  And, in his defense, once he started wiggling around he did sink pretty deep in the snow!  Besides laying in the snow, Jace and I filled water bottles with different colored water and sprayed patterns on the snow, we shoveled the back deck while Lukas slept inside, and we attempted – yet again – to make snowballs.  Still not packing snow, but we had fun anyways.

I think I’ve mentioned that Jace likes to be involved with every aspect of care for Baby Lukas.  Well, he also sometimes likes the same opportunities as are presented to Baby Lukas….  For instance, he likes sitting in the bouncer (sigh, he’s too big, but it’s a lost battle at this point), sitting in the swing (absolutely not, though he still asks), and, most recently, being swaddled!

I know smiles at this age aren’t really “smiles”, but I still thought it was cute….

We did some more playing on the tummy time mat today.  Lukas didn’t love it, but Jace did his best to keep Lukas happy.  We also introduced the Noggin’ Stik.  I’m pretty sure if he knew how to control his hand, Luke would have dropped the toy instantly.  Buuuut, instead he gripped it and screamed about it for a while.  Jace, on the other hand, loves the Noggin’ Stik again.  He’s fascinated that he can change the color just by shaking it….  I’m sure Luke will come around and love it too….

Lastly, fleecie footie jammies.  I put Luke in his first non-mitten cuff outfit.  And he promptly scratched his face.  But it’s a cute outfit and Luke and Jace were super adorable when we woke up this morning.  At one point I propped Luke up against a pillow.  He tipped over onto Jace and Jace was so excited that Baby Lukas had kissed him!  I love when they interact!


6 thoughts on “Fleecie Footie Jammies

  1. Ok 1- with snowmageddon and snowzilla- I’m impressed you’ve made it outside let alone to lay in the snow!

    2- please elaborate on the noggin stick. I’m assuming it has something to do with a head and a wand. What do you mean it changes colors? I need more details. Go! What else are doing during snowzilla?

    3- I love all the pics ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I’ve been wanting to reply to your posts for a while, but things have been a bit odd out here in NH. Anyway, I LOVE how sweet Jace is with Lukas! I mean, he is INCREDIBLY kind and loving and gentle. They are going to be amazing as they grow up together. Jace has a new best friend!

    So how are things going with Adam back at work? It looks like you’ve got your playing systems down pretty well, but I bet you’re exhausted. Will Jace being starting preschool any time soon? On the one hand, it’ll be nice for you to have one on one time with Lukas. On the other, preschool is a germy environment. Whatever. It’s inevitable, and I know you’ll cope. You are doing such a great job, SR. You and Adam look like truly natural parents, and you are an awesome mommy. xoxo wal

  3. Clearly having technical difficulties typing..just was trying to add my name so u didn’t wonder what “anonymous” creeper was posting on your family site… But I love reading these posts! So happy Jace loves Lukas… Xoxo

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