Snow (lots!) and Sleep (not lots!)

At the risk of being horribly repetitious, Jace loves Lukas!  He really likes holding him – over and over and over, all day long.  But it’s cute and I take way too many pictures.

In other news, we got snow!  Lots of snow!  Lots and lots and lots of snow!  The latest reports say we got 31.7″ of snow over the course of 18 hours.  Pretty awesome.  Jace was soooo excited.  Yesterday was pretty cold and windy, but we still headed out to play.  The snow was deeper than Cuervo is tall – he wasn’t thrilled with that.  Jace and I tried to walk around, but that was really difficult.  We pretty much ended up sitting in the snow, trying to make snowballs and catching snowflakes on our tongues.  Jace had a great time.  Eventually, I got so cold I needed to go inside.  I told Jace it was time to go and he refused!  I had to bribe him to get him into the house.  He really wanted to stay outside, despite the fact that his cheeks were bright red.

When we came inside, we made snow ice cream.  We didn’t do the fancy sweetened condensed milk version, we just used slushy milk, sugar, vanilla, and lots of snow.  And it was delicious!  I was surprised how good it was, actually.  And the texture was good too!

After ice cream, it was time to hold Baby Lukas again, of course!

Lukas slept in his swing while Jace and I played with some toys.  Adam worked really hard to get my car into the garage.  And he did it.  Yay!

And then it was time to start thinking bedtime thoughts.  We got Jace to sleep and Lukas woke up.  We got Lukas to sleep and Jace woke up.  Then Lukas woke up again.  And then Lukas stayed awake and yelled at me for 4 hours.  Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.  Jace was doing really well with sleep before Lukas was born.  He’s not doing as well now, but he’s had a cold for the past 2 weeks that I think bothers him during the night….  Lukas, on the other hand, just didn’t seem to want to sleep.  He does pretty well sleeping during the day, which might be why he doesn’t want to sleep at night.  He was awake more today, so maybe tonight will go better?!  I dunno.  Fingers crossed!

Despite being ridiculously tired today, it was a pretty good day.  Jace was “helpful” – he washed dishes for me and helped Adam shovel snow.  Adam heads back to work tomorrow and Jace, Lukas, and I have a few errands we need to run tomorrow.  So I guess it will be a real test to see how we’re doing with this whole two-kid thing.  Wish us luck!


One thought on “Snow (lots!) and Sleep (not lots!)

  1. 1- that’s a lot of snow is an understatement. Very nice of Adam to get your car in the garage 🙂
    2- that’s NOT a lot a lot of sleep. Try the wake up light for Jace?
    3- everyone else is stirring but me! It’ll be my turn soon!
    Cuddle up with your cute family- have a good day!

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