Time for Tummy Time

Jace loves all things Lukas.  He wants to be involved in every step of everything we do.  If Lukas is in the swing, Jace is gonna drag his chair over so he can turn on the mobile.  If Lukas is in the bouncer, Jace is over there starting the music for him.  If Lukas is having tummy time, Jace is 2″ from his face.  And if Lukas is sleeping, Jace is there to hug him – whether Lukas wants a hug or not!  It’s very cute though.  Jace is so excited about HIS little brother.

We broke out the tummy time mat this week.  Lukas isn’t a huge fan, but he tolerates it fairly well.  It helps when he’s got Jace cheering him on!

Jace learned a scary new trick lately….  He can climb onto the top of his bed and lunge for the wall, then he can touch the letters of his name.  He’s actually pretty good at it.  But it was scary to walk in and catch him diving at the wall the first time!

After seeing his climbing ability, we decided Jace deserved a day at the gym.  He hadn’t been in a while and he loved being back!

Today was officially STOMP ROCKET day.  What a great activity!  Jace liked counting up (no interest in counting down) to LIFT OFF!  Then he’d talk about how the rocket was in outer space.  He had a great time.  And, check out the last picture – he played independently while I sat on the couch with Luke!

Jace has been getting slightly more interested in books, which is nice.  He used to love to read.  Then he discovered running in circles and playing pretend.  And he hasn’t had much interest in books since.  He did hang out on the couch with me for a while today to read his new Highlights magazine and to play with his lift-the-flap book.

Things have been a little crazy with the new baby, but overall it’s going really well.  And it’s awesome seeing how much Jace likes Luke.  So, here are two pictures and then a super adorable video of Jace loving his little brother.  xoxo!

Jace Loves Lukas – video


2 thoughts on “Time for Tummy Time

  1. Well in the midst of adding a new member to your family- I’m seriously impressed you have time to blog!
    I barely find time to feed my fish! Like no joke! Or to respond to emails or texts these days!
    Jace sounds and looks like the bestest bigger older brother ever!!! Someday if/when they are older and they ever squabble just remember these moments of peace and loving on each other. It’s awesome!

  2. OMGoodness! He is the sweetest big brother ever! Jace is so tender with Lukas and so sweet. You and Adam are wonderful parents! I love you!

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