10 Days Old

Lukas is 10 days old!  It’s nice to be home.  We’re getting a semi-routine down now….  Kinda….  All of the clothing I have for Luke is waaaaay too big.  Seriously, it’s all gigantic on him.  How is size “newborn” too big?  When we brought him home (Thursday), he was 5lb 9oz.  At his check up on Monday he was up to 5lbs 13oz.  I figure pretty soon he’ll grow into all the cute clothing!
IMG_2874 IMG_2875

He’s SO TINY!  He doesn’t really like to be set down, so Adam and I spend a lot of time with a baby in our arms.  Works for us.  He’s warm and cute and adorable and smells like a newborn.  It’s kinda awesome.
IMG_2876 IMG_2878

Jace is the best big brother ever.  He LOVES “Baby Lukas”.  He likes to help with every aspect of taking care of Lukas.  And he likes to hold him.  But more than anything, he likes to hug him.  He’ll say “Baby Lukas needs a hug!  I go give Baby Lukas a little tiny hug!”  It’s very sweet.  And Luke seems relatively okay with it….
IMG_2885 IMG_2887IMG_2905 IMG_2906

Well, most of the time….!  (Side note – you can totally tell in these pictures that Luke’s legs only come 3/4 of the way down in the pants – everything is sooooo big on him!).
IMG_2931 IMG_2932

You get some funny expressions when you ask Jace to smile.IMG_2919 IMG_2921

But he really does love hanging out with his little brother!IMG_2934 IMG_2936

The other day we got Lukas to sleep, so Jace and I ran some errands together.  Our last stop was 7-11 to get a “special drink” for Daddy.  Added bonus?  Puddles on the sidewalk out front!  Jace spent a good 5 minutes jumping in puddles.  And when we got home, Lukas was still sleeping soundly!
IMG_2949 IMG_2959 - Copy

More pictures of Luke and his Daddy.
IMG_2965 IMG_2966

Jace and I went grocery shopping today.  He was dawdling in the check out line, so I told him we should hurry so we could get home and see Baby Lukas.  That did the trick!  He was leading me out of the store.  As soon as we got home, he told Adam to kneel down so he could hug his little brother.  Cute, cute, cute!  Adam left after that to run some errands, and Jace was on his best behavior.  He sat next to me on the couch and colored on the white board.  I think Jace and I will be spending a lot of time sitting on the couch while Lukas eats.  Any suggestions on how to keep Jace entertained would be appreciated!  Right now his distraction of choice is the iPad.  Which is okay, but I really don’t want him watching the iPad all day, every day.  So – ideas would be great!  🙂
IMG_2969 IMG_2971

Lastly, a cute picture of Jace and Luke.  Luke seems to like his new bouncer.  And Jace loves pushing the buttons.  He tells us “Baby Lukas wants to hear a sound” and then he’ll turn on the music for him.  They’re so cute together!
a pic


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