A Family of Four

What a week!  The night before Lukas was born, I was planning on posting.  Then I spent the night writing thank you cards from Christmas and eating ice cream instead.  I was banking on having 2 more weeks to post, prep for the hospital, and all that….  Surprise!  So, here are a few pictures from the days before Luke was born….

My friends threw me a surprise baby shower!  It was super cute and I can’t believe I don’t have any other pictures….!  The decorations were great, the food was amazing, and the kids were adorable.  Jace loved helping me open presents.

The picture above (right) is the last picture I have of Jace as an only child.  On Saturday I said “we should probably pack bags for when your little brother gets here”.  Jace was thrilled for an excuse to wear his backpack.  Buuuut, we spent the day carrying toys in the backpack and didn’t actually get around to packing anything.  I thought I had two weeks instead of less than 24 hours!

I woke up at 6:40am on Sunday morning and felt strange.  I ignored it, went to the bathroom, and went back to bed.  I woke up at 7:20am and was annoyed that I was awake again.  I got up to go to the bathroom and my water broke.  I woke Adam up and we called the doctor.  I wasn’t sure I really needed to go in because I’d heard labor can take a while and I’d rather stay home as long as possible.  Plus, I wanted Jace to get a full night of sleep.  Well, we debated our plans for about 20 minutes, and then the contractions started.  None of that starting slow stuff for us….  Contractions were about 4 minutes apart right away.  Sooooo, we woke Jace, got him in the car, and headed for the hospital.  I called my friends, but no one was up yet.  Adam and Jace dropped me off, then headed back home.  My friend, Heather, got my texts and headed to meet Adam and Jace at our house.  She stayed there with him allllllll day.  So lucky to have great friends!

Once Heather showed up, Adam was free to come back to the hospital.  Which was great, ’cause I didn’t love being by myself.  Things were moving really quickly at first, then everything got complicated (I made the incredibly stupid decision to get an epidural so I wouldn’t end up under general anesthesia again, they did it wrong, punctured my spinal column so I started leaking spinal fluid, stalled labor, over numbed me, made me wait a few hours at 10cm before pushing, the umbilical cord bunched up, heart rate dropped, 90+ minutes of pushing).  But finally, Lukas was born!  He is perfect.  And they let me hold him right away.  How cool is that?!  Adam got to cut the umbilical cord and we got to spend some time together – just the three of us – before Adam and Lukas headed to the nursery for his initial check up.
IMG_2610 (3) IMG_2610 (7) - CopyIMG_2635 IMG_2636

After the nursery, Adam and Lukas met me in my new room.  It was pretty late, so Adam needed to head home to Jace.  So Lukas and I spent the night hanging out.  It was great!  I got to hold him any time I wanted, I got to pick him up when he cried, I got to cuddle up with him the entire night.  Loved it.

The next day, Adam brought Jace to meet his brother.  Jace was excited to see me, a little confused about the entire hospital setting, but thrilled with the meal delivery service!  I already posted the pictures of Jace holding Lukas for the first time.  Love those pictures!  The next day, Jace came back to visit me again.  He asked to hold Lukas and he even gave him a kiss.  So sweet!
IMG_2640 IMG_2704 (8)

We thought we were heading home around noon, but then I ended up having to stay another night (due to the whole leaking spinal fluid thing).  It was really sad not getting to go home all together, but Lukas and I got to spend a third night in the hospital.  I took a bunch of pictures.
IMG_2706 IMG_2712IMG_2707 IMG_2728

The next day I was doing much better (they injected blood into my spinal column to “patch” the hole), so we got to go home!  The drive home was adorable.  Jace talked the entire way – “Baby Lukas is coming to my house!” “Look, Baby Lukas, a school bus!  A crane!  A bird!”  He was so excited!
IMG_2735 IMG_2738

When we got home, Jace was very interested in his little brother.  He kept petting him, showing him toys, and talking to him about the house.  He also really likes to hug his brother.  It’s sweet – but also pretty intense!  But still, worth it.  He loves his little brother!
IMG_2740 IMG_2743IMG_2744n (1) IMG_2744n (2)IMG_2749 IMG_2751

Once the novelty of a new baby wore off, Jace was ready to open his big presents from Lukas – a kitchen!  He was excited.  Adam got the drill to start assembly and Jace ran over to his toys to grab his drill too (we got him a truck for Christmas that you can assemble/dismantle using this drill that really works!).  It was really cute watching them work together.
IMG_2768 IMG_2771

By mid-afternoon, it was pretty clear that we needed to head back to the hospital.  My headache was back with such force that I really couldn’t stand up.  Sigh.  Soooo, back to the hospital for another blood patch.  Luckily, my friend Cassie was available to hang out with Jace.  She took him to her house and Jace spent the evening playing with Jack, watching cartoons, and eating fun snacks.  Which is great, ’cause Adam and Luke and I spent six hours at the hospital.  Yuck!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who texted and called us.  The whole thing was horrible and scary and excessively painful and I really appreciated the texts!  Eventually we got discharged, picked up Jace (who was thrilled to be outside so late at night!), and headed home.  Luke was great at the hospital, so he decided not to sleep once we got home.  Fair enough.  It was still good to be home.
IMG_2785 IMG_2786a

The next two days were pretty mellow days at the house.  Jace and I played a lot with the boxes from his kitchen (cardboard boxes are awesome).  Jace and Luke got THREE packages in the mail with super cute and fun presents.  We got the house straightened up.  We got things more organized to take care of Luke.  Jace spent a lot of time hugging Luke.  And Jace and I finally got a chance to spend some time playing together.
IMG_2809 IMG_2810IMG_2811 IMG_2812

And Lukas is adorable!  He’s sleeping pretty well during the day.  We’re gonna get there on the nights….  But he’s a pretty happy baby, very cuddly, and it’s wonderful to be a family of four!
IMG_2821 IMG_2865


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