Guess what?!  We’re 37 weeks pregnant.  37 weeks and 3 days, actually.  HURRAY!  At this point in my pregnancy with Jace, he was almost a month old.  I’m so excited to STILL be pregnant.  Technically, 37 weeks is considered “full term”, so hopefully we’ll be able to have this baby and bring him home 48 hours later – no NICU required!  I’ve been having weekly doctor’s appointments and everything has been going well.  My blood pressure is still fine (107/67 on Monday), I’m negative for Beta Strep (which is good, I guess), and the baby seems very active and “strong”.  HURRAY!  Only 2.5 weeks until our due date.  Yay!

We’ve been trying to get ready for the baby.  We really have.  It’s so confusing though!  ALL of the clothing I have from Jace is the wrong season.  ALL of it.  He was supposed to be a July baby in Tennessee.  Everything was short-sleeved onesies.  The sleepers should work out fine, but we had to go shopping for long-sleeved onesies!  And the debate between “newborn” and “0-3 month” was tricky.  Anyways, we have some clothing, it’s been washed in the appropriate detergent, and we have the infant car seat cleaned up and ready to go (with the newly issued buckle thanks to a recent recall!).  I still need to pack hospital bags/overnight bags for me, the baby, and Jace, but I have made a list of what to pack….  That’s almost the same as packing, right?

I did get a little bit of decorating done!  I put their names on the walls and put up pictures and decals.  Jace was sooooo excited.  He was happy playing with the fan pulls with Adam for most of my decorating, but eventually he headed upstairs, took his bath, and was ready to help me.  He put some of the Thomas decals on his wall (and door).  It worked out really well, ’cause there were way more than I wanted to use, so he got all the extras and has a very sticker-intensive part of the wall!
IMG_2318 IMG_2322IMG_2468 IMG_2469

Jace and I went to the Kids Workshop at Home Depot on Saturday.  He was very proud of himself for building a box.  Then we came home and had a “Hershey Kiss with Frosting”.  It has SO become a thing.  He’s adorable because it’s never “chocolate” or “candy”, it’s always “Hershey Kiss with Frosting”.  And he likes to get the entire jar, he insists we both sit on the floor on the kitchen mat, he dumps the jar, stands all the kisses on end, then carefully selects one for me and one for himself.  And then we head to the couch where he carefully unwraps both kisses, then gives me one.  He eats his in three bites every time – the first bite is tiny, the second bite reveals the green filling (and is quite exciting), and the third bite finishes the whole thing.  Then we discuss how “very yummy” our snack was.  HE IS SO DARN CUTE!
IMG_2472 IMG_2480 (2)

Speaking of being so darn cute, check out his new towels!  Darth Vader and “Dinosaur” (Yoda).  He doesn’t really understand licensed characters yet (unless they’re on PBS Kids!), but he likes the towels and he looooves dinosaurs!
IMG_2480 (3) IMG_2480 (6)

Jace’s favorite activity is helping me in the kitchen.  He’s actually kinda helpful now.  And he’s so excited to be involved.  The other day I pulled the leftover ice out of our freezer and tossed it in the sink.  Jace wanted to help me prep for our play date, but I didn’t know how to have him help me dice cantaloupe….  So instead, I gave him a beater and let him whack the ice.  Ice went EVERYWHERE.  He had a great time.

The next night, he was able to help a lot more.  He understands that the burners and pans get really hot, so he’s pretty careful now.  And he does a great job stirring!
IMG_2524 IMG_2525

We hosted play date this week.  And in true Jace fashion, he picked our play date day as the day to sleep in.  Here’s a picture of him at 10:30am.  Our play date started at 10:30am.  Luckily for us, no one is ever on time.  And Jace was up and dressed by 10:40am when people started showing up!  The cats were less than thrilled with the number of toddlers that descended on our house.  They hung out on this chair the ENTIRE time.
IMG_2526 IMG_2528

Our play date was BYOH – bring your own hammer.  Apparently I should have specified what type of hammer, because three of the kids showed up with legit hammers, but three showed up with plastic toys.  Oops.  One of Jace’s friends went to Lowe’s right before coming over and got a super cute kid-sized hammer.  It’s awesome.  Next time we’re out, I’m totally getting one for Jace.  Anyways!  I meant to take a lot of pictures, but when you have 6 hammer-wielding toddlers, there’s not a lot of downtime.  But it was a fun play date and everyone got the chance to do the Home Depot Kids Workshop kit of their choice, which was nice.  People even took extras home with them.

Most people left after about two hours.  As our last friend was leaving, Jace decided it was time to make pancakes.  Well, apparently pancakes sounded like a great idea to Cara, so they stayed and had pancakes.  And then stayed another 5 hours after that.  It was really fun and Jace and Cara played together so well!  It was cute because they actually played TOGETHER a little bit, instead of just playing next to each other.
IMG_2532 IMG_2535

Lastly, here are two pictures from today.  Jace will randomly decide he needs to type and we’ll head downstairs to my computer.  He’ll place his request for font color and I’ll set him up with an open Word document.  And he’ll type letters.  It’s cute.  We also did a little painting today.  But the painting was less fun than stickers, so we abandoned the painting in favor of building a Kids Workshop fire truck and applying the stickers.  And then Daddy came home from work and it was time for dinner, advent candy, bath, and bed!
IMG_2555 IMG_2559


One thought on “FULL TERM!

  1. Umm… I think you and I used to have play dates? We would also never be on time despite the attempt. Then we would also craft, and eat yummy only healthy things that required stirring, then craft some more, then crash. I can’t wait to hear about more of his play dates when he gets older. We also tried to write letters to others- at 3 am – to Adam 😀

    Miss you friend❤️

    Can’t wait for your bundle of joy to arrive!!

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