Music and PeepsFest

Jace has been very artistic lately….  He’s been into music, cooking, and crafts.  It’s fun.  He likes to bang on the xylophone or his new “tiny guitar” and then ask me to sing the “AB song”.  I sing the ABCs as loud as I can (and off-key, whether I mean to or not).  At the end, Jace claps for us and tells me I did a great job.  We do this a lot.  He’s been very interested in coloring and painting lately.  And he still loves to help me in the kitchen.

On Wednesday, we went to PeepsFest with our friends.  Peeps are made here in Bethlehem, so the Peeps company sponsors a lot of events.  PeepsFest is a New Year’s party for kids.

The first two pictures make me laugh.  Jace is soooo our kid.  The first picture shows the children/folk guitar singer guy.  He was loud and enthusiastic and led all the kids around in circles singing and yelling.  And the second picture shows Jace’s reaction to the guy.  Loved it.  I was totally siding with Jace.  Toooooo loud!

But other than that, we had a good time.  They had a ton of weird activities – you could wander around the old steel mill and look at the giant 85lb Peep (they drop it at 5pm similar to the ball drop in NYC), you could make a boat for Peeps, you could eat Peeps of all flavors and colors, you could build a leaning tower of Peeps-a (Jace just liked stabbing the Peeps with the spaghetti and then handing them to Heather – she had a quite a collection by the end!).  There really was a lot to do.  And we had a good time.

When we got home, Adam and Jace put on a concert for me.  Jace likes the microphone, but won’t talk into it.  He just likes to blow into the mic and hear how loud it is (the amplifier is in the base of the stand).  He thinks it’s hilarious.  And he likes when Adam will play the guitar while he blows into the mic – duet style.  Maybe I’ll try for video.  Or not.  You can probably imagine the sound well enough….!

And lastly, here’s a cute video.  We have mint truffle Hershey kisses right now.  They’re yummy.  It’s dark chocolate filled with a green mint truffle.  Jace thinks the green part is frosting and he gets so excited to eat it!  He’ll sit on the couch and take tiny bites until he can see the frosting and then he’ll excitedly show his stuffed animals (and the pets).  So super cute.  Plus, I love the way he says “frosting”.  So I took a video.  A cute end to 2015.  I’ll have to get a cute video tomorrow to start 2016!

Hershey Kiss with Frosting – video


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