Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

First off, let me talk about all the stuff I forgot to say in my last post….  I apparently was too tired to be posting, ’cause I didn’t say most of the stuff I wanted to say….

  1. I talked about all the festive stuff that we did, but I didn’t mention REINDEER PANCAKES!  We went to Denny’s with our friends, Heather and Cara, and the kids got REINDEER PANCAKES with chocolate eyes, a red chocolate nose, turkey bacon antlers, and fancy cups of chocolate milk.  It was yummy and adorable.
  2. We took cookies to our neighbors!  Jace helped me make tiny bags of cookies and candy, then we tied them with ribbon and delivered them.  It was festive.
  3. Jace spent several hours at the social security office and at the DMV with me over the last few days.  And he was awesome.  Seriously – so awesome.  He played with toys, he sat in the chair next to me, he ignored all the creepy people, and he devoured the free candy canes the DMV employees kept giving him.  He’s so good!
  4. Jace got a hair cut!  He needed one so badly.  His hair was super long.  They cut off over an inch.  Oops, guess I need to take him in more often….
  5. I think he has all his teeth!  Not completely sure all 20 are fully “in”, but you can see at least part of all four of his 2-year molars.  Hurray for the end of teething for a couple of years!  YAY!
  6. Jace had another hearing test.  They can do such cool stuff with hearing tests.  They had him “listen” to puzzle pieces, and then when he’d hear a noise, he’d put the piece in the puzzle.  He did great.  And his hearing is excellent!
  7. Jace is almost “age adjusted”.  Basically, I was told that kids born before 34 weeks are considered premature until they reach an adjusted age of 2.5 years old.  If Jace was born on his due date, he would be 2.5 years old on January 7th.  We’re almost there….  Which means the hearing test last week should be the very last NICU-related follow up appointment for him.  HURRAY FOR JACE!

And now on to Christmas eve and Christmas day….

I recently bought a Thomas the Train pop up toy from someone on Facebook.  It seemed cute.  I came home and set it up while Jace was sleeping.  He saw it the next morning.  And after we kicked the cats out (they love it), he got to play with it.  And he had a great time!  He likes when Adam and I get in the train with him….  Which is fun, but a little tricky.  Adam invented a new game where he gets in the train, then crawls around going “chugga-chugga”.  Jace does the “choo-choo” part.  It’s adorable and makes Jace laugh really hard.  Especially when they crash into things.
IMG_1977 IMG_1978

Adam got Christmas eve day off from work (YAY!), so we used it as an excuse to eat junk food.  Yummy.  “Candy cane” for breakfast and “tiny cookies” for snack all day long.  Jace didn’t care about cookies for Santa, but he did like eating “tiny cookies” off of his special Christmas plate!
IMG_1997 IMG_2014

Christmas eve was ridiculously warm here.  It was above 70F most of the day, so we went for a late night walk to check out the Christmas lights.  Jace loved it!  Then he came home and took the world’s longest bath.  After 90 minutes in the tub, I went to check on them.  Jace was happily splashing around.  Adam was bored and laying on the bath mat.  I figured I could use the new reindeer stuffed animal to lure him out of the tub.  I showed it to him and explained that it was a reindeer.  Jace got excited and shouted “I NEED THAT COW!”  Huh.  Well, at least it got him out of the tub….!
IMG_2017 IMG_2027

He changed into his CHRISTMAS JAMMIES and was finally ready for bed.
IMG_2029 (6) IMG_2029 (7)

I figured I could keep Jace distracted on Christmas morning and Adam could sleep in.  Jace didn’t really understand that it was CHRISTMAS morning, so I thought that would be easy.  What I didn’t expect was for JACE to sleep in on Christmas morning.  It was awesome!  He was up around 1am, but I finally got him back to bed.  I slept in his room, and at 7:30am he crawled into bed next to me, cuddled up, and dozed until 10am.  So super cuddly and cute!

Eventually we made it downstairs.  Jace was very excited to play with the toys in his stocking.  We kept suggesting opening some presents, but he was content to play with stocking stuffers for a quite a while.
IMG_2057 IMG_2058

Eventually we moved on to breakfast (more health food!).  And then, after breakfast, CANDY!  Jace has discovered “mint truffle” Hershey kisses.  He thinks they’re filled with green “frosting” and he loves to eat them in a bunch of little tiny bites.  Cute, but messy!
IMG_2068 IMG_2059

Another one of our neighbors stopped by with a present for Jace.  We caught this one in the act, which was good.  We still don’t know who the Mystery Santa was from last week….????

Adam opened his presents from his Secret Santa.  They even included a kid version of the Avengers for Adam to read with Jace!
IMG_2080 IMG_2085

And then we were in present opening mode.  Jace did pretty well.  He liked helping Adam and I open our presents.  And then we let him open a toy school bus.  And that pretty much stopped Christmas in its tracks.  All Jace wanted to do was play with his new bus.  And play and play and play.  We could convince him to take breaks to help us with our presents, but then it was straight back to the bus!

After a few hours (yeah, hours!), he was ready for more presents.  He was excited about a pair of tiger slippers that Adam opened (he complemented the tigers on their pretty eyes and beautiful noses – ha!).
IMG_2096 IMG_2105

He got a really cool ABC book (that Adam was very excited to read!).  Adam actually has met the guy who did this book, so we might even take it to get it signed some day.  But Adam and Jace will definitely be reading this book often.
IMG_2150 IMG_2151

Another exciting present was the vehicle puzzle.  I thought it might be too tricky for Jace, but all the pieces go together really easily and the trucks are great at jumping into the tracks all on their own.  It’s pretty cool!
IMG_2126 IMG_2143

And then it was back to playing with the bus.  And talking to the bus.  And talking about the bus.  And sending the bus flying off the table.  And rescuing the passengers.  And playing with the bus some more.  Fun, fun.
IMG_2152 IMG_2157 (27)IMG_2157 (30) IMG_2157 (32)

The last present of the night was a tool kit.  Jace had a great time playing with it where he opened it for a while.  Then he realized that we were just “pretending” to use the tools.  So he grabbed his hammer and plastic nail and headed for the wall.  And that’s when we decided it was probably time for bed.  We’ll have to finish up the rest of the presents tomorrow.  Christmas 2.0!
IMG_2162 IMG_2165

He hugged his new bear goodnight, ate his advent candy (I’m seriously going to have to buy a zillion of those on clearance, ’cause he seems to think it’s a nightly tradition now!), and headed up to bed.
IMG_2194 IMG_2190

All in all, a great Christmas!


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