Being Festive. And the Magic of Sleep.

It’s been a festive week!  But first, let’s talk about the magic of sleep.  Sleep is magical.  So magical.  On Friday morning, Jace was up for the day at 2am.  Not magical.  I thought he would eventually fall back to sleep, but that wasn’t the case.  Instead, he got more and more talkative as night gradually turned into day.  His commentary was adorable though.  “Still night.  Not middle of the night.  Still see moon?  Mommy and Jace see moon together!  Not daytime.  Mommy little bit tired.  Take a nap?  Wake up, Mommy!  Not middle of the night!  Almost day!”

Since we were up so.dang.early, we decided to make the most of the day.  Adam had seen Star Wars at 1:30am (in 3D IMAX!), so he was home sleeping.  Jace and I went to a cookie swap (with store bought cookies, ’cause we did NOT plan on attending a 9am playdate).  Then we met friends for a fun snack.  We ate a ton of cookies and Jace was in an excellent mood.  Eventually we made it back home.  Jace was cheerful, energetic, and happy all the way until 5pm.  At 5pm, he tried to fall asleep.  We had to work really hard to keep him awake long enough to feed him some pizza for dinner.  And then he was out!

And here’s where the magic of sleep comes in….  Jace slept for FOURTEEN HOURS STRAIGHT.  It was awesome!  And, know what else is awesome?  I slept for NINE HOURS of that.  I woke up sooooo happy.  I was rested, I was cheerful, it was amazing.  Of course, it’s been a few days of sleeping on his floor while he wakes up every hour, so I really don’t remember that feeling anymore, but that’s okay.  I know it was great at the time….!

We’re starting to get ready for the new baby.  We brought in the infant car seat.  Jace immediately climbed into it and announced “I fit!”  Cute.  I’m excited because we’re officially in the 9th month of pregnancy now.  This is uncharted territory for us.  Hurray!

Now on to the festive stuff….!  Adam and Jace played a long game of catch next to the Christmas tree.  Jace had a great time.  I took some videos.  There’s also a picture of Jace rearranging the ornaments on the tree.  He loves the tree.  He gets excited when the lights turn on and has a great time showing the animals their special ornaments (we do have ornaments for each animal).

Smile!  And Play Catch…. – video
I soooo wish this video was a series of pictures instead.  Look at that cute smile!  Ah, oh well.

Playing Catch – video

Advent Calendar Time is a big deal in our house.  Jace gets very excited for his advent candy.  He talks about it fairly often during the day.  As soon as we’re done with dinner, he gets his advent calendar and runs to the stairs.  Then he tears open two random windows (yeah, two, we had to buy another calendar!) and has me help him get the candy out.  The he eats his yummy treat and heads up to bath.

Speaking of bath, Jace got a new bath toy today!  I think it’s a Christmas present, but it wasn’t wrapped, which means it’s totally fair game (right?!).  He loves it.

And lastly, here are two videos of Jace “putting” the presents under the tree.  Hope nothing under there is fragile!

Presents under the Tree – video
I like watching how the whole tree shakes….

Presents INTO the Tree? – video
I like his commentary.  And laughter!


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