Grandma, Grandpa, and Christmas!

It’s been waaaaaay too long since I posted.  And it’s been a busy two weeks!  Here are pictures of some of the highlights….

We finally got Daddy involved in a Home Depot Kids Workshop (fun!).  Then we went shopping for baby items at Target and Jace had a GREAT time playing in the center of the clothing displays.
IMG_1387 IMG_1390

Jace and I went to a Christmas pajama party.  The kids all wore jammies, ate yummy snacks, and watched The Grinch.  15 kids were glued to the TV.  And one kid didn’t even realize the TV was on because there was a toy school bus in the room….  Yup, Jace ignored the movie, skipped all the snacks, and played happily for 90 minutes with a toy school bus.  He had a great night.  He was a little sad when we headed home and he said “where all mine cookies go?”  There were no sugar cookies left.  But we managed to grab a chocolate chip cookie, so the crisis was averted.
IMG_1411 IMG_1413

Talking is awesome.  I love that Jace can tell me what he wants to do.  What do you want to do today, Jace?  “Eat block of cheese.”  You want some slices of cheese?  “No, want eat block of cheese.”  Okaaaaaaay.  Now what do you want to do, Jace?  “Eat pretzels by Mommy’s pillow in bed.”  Well, that was specific.  And that’s exactly what we did.  He’s funny.
IMG_1415 (2) IMG_1415 (1)

The cats were very excited about Hanukkah this year.  Or very annoyed that the menorah ended up in the square of sunshine in the kitchen.  And we bought Cuervo a new bed.  See?  I’m pretty sure there’s been a cat on it almost the entire time we’ve owned it….
IMG_1418 IMG_1419

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!  YAAAAAAY!  Jace had a great time playing with Grandma.  They played trucks, the balanced on the new rug.  They played in the cardboard house.  They played legos.  They played and played and played and played and played.  And Grandpa?  Poor Grandpa got stuck doing a zillion and one home repairs for us.  It was awesome!  He got soooo much done.  Not sure it was much of a “vacation”, but we appreciated it!
IMG_1430 IMG_1434

We got out our Christmas chime.  Jace was mesmerized by the candles.  And he spent a long time tackling Grandma while we tried to fold laundry!  IMG_1492 IMG_1493

Santa came through the neighborhood on a fire truck.  Jace liked the truck, liked the siren, and liked the Christmas music.  He wasn’t crazy about Santa himself, but he did like that Santa handed out candy canes and apples.  I love where we live!
IMG_1515 IMG_1525

We got out the carousel and lit the candles.  Jace loved watching it, but eventually decided he should be allowed to blow the candles out.  We didn’t want wax flying all over the carousel, so I got out a birthday candle and a cookie sheet.  And Jace was thrilled.  He would wait patiently while I lit the candle, blow it out, and then do some seriously excessive cheering.  Over and over and over.  We went through two entire birthday candles.  And the candles were only lit for a second or two before he would blow them out.  But the cheering was cute and Jace was very clearly having a great time.

The next night, we headed to the zoo for the Winter Light Spectacular.  It was fun!  We looked at the reindeer (first picture) and checked out all the pretty lights (second picture).

Jace was pretty excited to watch the light shows.


And he was even more excited to ROAST MARSHMALLOWS!  Plus, he asked for a sip of my hot chocolate and drank the whole darn thing!  We’re going to have to work on the definition of “a sip”….

The hot chocolate gave him an extra boost of energy (or maybe it was the sugary marshmallows?!).  In any case, he was excited to run around checking out the rest of the lights.  We attempted a family picture, but it was hard to get Jace to focus.  He was much more interested in touching the lights, sprinting through the lighted tunnels, and giving running hugs to Grandma and Grandpa.

We wrapped up the visit with more projects for my dad (I thought it was cute that all three of them ended up under the desk trying to adjust the feet so it was level) and with some pretty intense card games.  Jace loves to be involved, so he was there every step of the way – helping Grandpa build desks and helping Grandma make cookies. It’s so much fun when they come to visit!

Two more pictures….

First, tonight Adam mentioned that he needed to send a quick email.  Jace shouted, “Me too, Daddy!”  He proceeded to grab his laptop, drag a chair to his table, sit down, and type an email.  He finished the email, announced that he was done, and then handed me the “email”.  He insisted I take a bite, then said, “yummm, that’s good, Mommy!”  Not entirely sure he grasps the concept of email, but it was still really cute to watch him grab his laptop and sit at his “desk”.  He’s so much fun!

And second, an ultrasound picture!  I had my last appointment with the high risk doctor yesterday.  The baby is looking GREAT.  He’s measuring 5lbs and they see no signs of preterm labor.  Of course, I didn’t have preterm labor last time either, but still….  The doctor was very optimistic about how things were looking and said the baby and I are both very healthy.  Hurray!  Plus, at this time in my pregnancy with Jace, he was already a week old.  So I’m 7 days more pregnant than I’ve ever been.  And the baby is super active and apparently has a full head of hair!  We’re so excited to meet him….  IN MID-TO-LATE-JANUARY!!!!

IMG_1761 IMG_1754


2 thoughts on “Grandma, Grandpa, and Christmas!

  1. Hey SR, Sorry I haven’t left a note in so long, but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading every word and admiring every picture and video. You are such a good mom! And this is why parenthood is for the young — you have endless energy! We grandparents have tons of energy up to a point, and then we crash. Although I’m sure G&G Anderson have more energy than I do these days. Have a wonderful Christmas. I hope you got a package from us by now. If not, it should be this weekend, Monday at the very latest. Love you tons!

  2. Wow!!!! That was a huge post! I love all these pictures. You have such full days. I like that his language is so specific. He must have a pretty good vocabulary for a 2-3/4 year old. I especially liked the outfit he wore to the grinch movie! And I would have preferred the bus over that movie too! Love you guys so so so much.

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