Tree Lighting!

Jace has been very interested in domestic activities lately.  His friend, Cara, came over the other day.  They played with blocks, legos, had a snack, and ran around for a while.  Then, they asked if they could wash dishes.  Ummm, okay?!  They dragged chairs to the sink and had a great time soaping up their plastic snack bowls.

Today, Jace and I were having a snack.  I asked what we should do while we ate – watch a show, read a book, sit on the couch….  None of those appealed to him.  What he wanted to do was go watch the washing machine.  In his defense, our washer is pretty awesome.  It’s got a window on the top and you can watch the water pour in, see the clothes spinning, and watch the soap suds.  So, we got out the step stool and we watched the washer for about 35 minutes while we ate snack.  Then we switched the laundry (Jace loves that part).  He really is a great helper!

We love the area we live in!  It’s so family-friendly.  Love it!  Tonight was the official Tree Lighting Ceremony.  No pictures of the actual tree because, honestly, it’s just a little pine tree with a single strand of green lights wrapped around it, but still.  It’s the thought that counts, right?  And the rest of the activities were great!  They had ice carving demonstrations, a hand bell choir, sleigh rides, luminarias, a make-your-own-ornament craft station, cookie decorating, lots of sugary snacks, pictures with Santa, a fancy hot chocolate stand (with all kinds of toppings), and roast your own hot dogs and marshmallows. Fun, fun, fun!

Jace loves hot dogs, so that was a big hit.  And he loves marshmallows, so that was exciting too.  Plus, he was about the same height as the “fire pits”, so it wasn’t too hot for him to stand there and roast his snacks!

After eating, we went to visit Santa.  Jace doesn’t like mascots.  Or people in costume.  Or meeting strangers.  Or forced social interactions.  Which pretty much means meeting Santa and his elves is NOT high on Jace’s to-do list.  However, things change when you realize that the elves are handing out candy canes.  Jace wasn’t going to get ONE STEP closer than necessary to get that candy cane.  But he reached it!  And it was, apparently, “really good”, so I guess that makes the whole Santa meet-and-greet worth it.  All in all, a very fun and festive evening!
IMG_1340 (7)


One thought on “Tree Lighting!

  1. Your community sounds amazing!!! And very family friendly indeed!

    A dog my goodness- Jace meeting Santa- and how you described it- hysterical!!!! Seriously. And candy canes are awesome- smart kid.

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