Thomas the Bed

Before I get to the Thomas the Bed part of the post, here are a few pictures from putting up the Christmas tree.  We haven’t gotten around to hanging ornaments – or putting lights on the house – but we did get the tree up!

Jace was very helpful.  He liked picking up the little branches and inserting them into the bottom portion of the tree.  Then Adam would have to find them – which was more challenging than it sounds!  But they worked together really well and it was cute to watch.
IMG_1140 IMG_1167IMG_1175 IMG_1182

The cat tunnel we bought in 2007 is currently Jace’s favorite toy….

IMG_1184 (1) IMG_1184 (2)

We had “arts and craft time” today so Jace could make his Christmas presents for everyone.  Turns out Adam is not a fan of “arts and craft time”.  He left the room on several occasions and finally decided arts and crafts was more of a spectator activity….  He dragged his chair to the opposite side of the kitchen.  And Jace STILL almost got paint on Adam’s new shirt.

In any case, I think the projects turned out realllllllly cute.  I would post the finished product pictures, but I don’t want to ruin the Christmas morning surprise!  They’re wrapped and ready to mail to the grandparents!
IMG_1203 IMG_1205

And lastly, here is Thomas the Bed!  We will need the crib for the baby in a few months, so we figured we’d get Jace transitioned to a toddler bed now.  We weren’t sure how long it would take or if he’d like the new bed and we wanted to give him plenty of time to make the switch.  Well, turns out he LOVES the new bed.  He is so excited that Thomas is in his room.  We assembled him this morning and Jace checked on him several times during the day.  He hugged Thomas.  He crawled all over Thomas.  He introduced his stuffed animals to Thomas.  Very cute.

Tonight we gave him the option of sleeping in his converted crib bed or sleeping in the new Thomas bed.  He picked Thomas.  I asked Adam how bedtime went tonight and he said Jace was very excited about the new bed….  Maybe too excited!  I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually.  Now we just have to see if he makes it through the night without falling out of bed!  Updates soon….
IMG_1195 IMG_1200


2 thoughts on “Thomas the Bed

  1. Is it like all aboard the train to sleepy city?!?! With stops in letparentssleep town, afullnightofsleep city, and tiredville?


    Hopefully Thomas the train bed brings one sleeping toddler!!

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