Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jace and I got up early today and made the chocolate pudding pie.  Jace was very helpful and announced to me – as he licked the spatula – “Mommy, I LIKE pie.”  Cute.  We put the pie in the fridge to set and he checked on it very often during the day to see if it was “done cooking” yet.

We had such a fun morning!  We made pancakes (3 times), played with a ton of toys,  and Jace showed off his awesome imagination.  Playing with him is the best!  He makes up games, he tells stories, and he remembers things from previous play sessions.  The other night in the tub, he told Adam all about our trip to the pediatric dentist – in detail.  It’s exciting!

After Adam woke up (he finally got a chance to sleep in after working the previous weekend), we headed to the park.  The weather was gorgeous.

After the park, we walked to Weis to pick up a rotisserie chicken.  They were playing Christmas music in the store and Jace was loving it.  It was pretty darn cute.  Adam got a video of Jace dancing.  He does take a break in the middle to take a bite of his cookie, but then he gets back to dancing.  When we played the video tonight, Jace heard the music and started dancing around again.  Tomorrow, when we get out the Christmas tree, we’ll have to find our Christmas CDs!

Dancing to the Music – video

When we got home, it was time to start cooking.  Jace loves to help me in the kitchen.  Bonus points if you can identify which crescent roll he did (“did it self!”) and which slices of cranberry sauce he cut (“did it self!”).

Honestly, though, it’s really fun to have him helping in the kitchen.  He gets so excited to pour things, measure things, and stir!  And all the food turned out super yummy.

Jace liked everything – especially the cranberry jelly(!).  But the best part of the meal, of course, was dessert.  Jace liked his chocolate pudding pie….  But the winner of the night was definitely the cool whip!

We had a great Thanksgiving.  And I hope everyone else did too!


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