Two and a Half!

It’s been a fun few days.  Jace has gotten reacquainted with his toys.  He helped me make egg-less cookie dough (yum).  He’s been very excited about helping in the kitchen since all of our meals are done on the range (broken oven, sigh).  That means lots of stirring – Jace’s specialty!
IMG_0890 IMG_0895

We went to a pet store yesterday (looking for yard stakes for Cuervo) and Jace had a great time watching the mice, fish, birds, and lizards (small alligators!).  Today we walked to Weis.  Which isn’t uncommon at all.  However, as we headed out the door, I glanced at the thermometer.  34F.  Brrrrr!  I suggested we drive, but Jace wanted to walk.  So we walked.  And it wasn’t too bad.  We came home, ate our cookies, and Jace warmed up by playing on the iPad.
IMG_0931 IMG_0932

Today Jace is 2.5 years old.  He’s getting so big!  I attempted pictures.  Such a challenge.  Here are a couple.  I realized picture taking time was over when the lion came flying at the camera….
IMG_0974 IMG_0981IMG_0990 IMG_0998

Jace was much more interested in playing with the magnets holding the blanket to the fridge than he was in posing for a picture.  On the plus side, he did spend about 20 minutes happily sliding magnets around the fridge after I stopped pestering him for a picture.  And, I did get one pretty cute picture (last picture in the post).
IMG_0999 IMG_1001

So – here’s the Jace age progression.

Six months old.  One year old.
age - a - half age - a - one

Eighteen months old.  Two years old.
age - b - 1.5 age - c - 2

TWO AND A HALF YEARS OLD!age - d - 2.5


One thought on “Two and a Half!

  1. He’s gotten sooooooo big! Or you really shrank the lion. Either waaaaay he’s just as cute as ever!!
    I remember 1/2s! I’m currently a
    .5 age right now!

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