Home Ownership Is Fun

Well, it’s been 10 days since my last post.  And it’s been an educational 10 days.  Did you know that an oven can be hardwired into your electrical system?  Or that a broken oven will sometimes default to “cleaning” temperature (880F!), regardless of what temperature you select?  Or that click flooring is pretty easy to tear up from a sopping wet cement floor?  Or that a hole in a clean out cap is actually a pretty big deal?  Or that shop vacs are awesome?  You can learn so much in 10 days!

But seriously, owning a house is really fun.  We just thought our first projects would be painting Jace’s room or setting up the nursery.  Instead our first projects are plumbing issues and finding an electrician.  But that’s okay.  Things are starting to seem more under control.  I mean, you can take a shower now without needing to use the shop vac afterwards!  Serious progress!!!!

Jace likes “Jacen’s house” and I think it’s starting to feel like home to him.  The cats are completely at home (especially now that the basement is dry and they can get to their food/water/litter box without walking past a box fan!).  Cuervo is still spazzy, but we’re getting there….

After the move, we rotated all of Jace’s toys.  He rediscovered some old favorites which have now been accompanying us everywhere.  It takes a long time to walk down a flight of stairs if you need to check on Jack every.single.step.  And then put him away before proceeding to the next step!  But it’s cute and he’s pretty excited that all of his toys are at “Jacen’s house”.

IMG_0790 IMG_0792

He’s starting to sleep a bit better too.  I’ll be happy when I can wake up in my own bed, instead of on the mattress on the floor next to his bed.  But I really can’t complain.  How cute is this face?!  I love waking up to this each morning!


Coffee Grandma came to visit!  As our first official house guest, we initiated her by refusing to let her shower for several days, making her use the shop vac, making her tear up flooring, and having her lead us on several (several!) trips to Home Depot.  We’ve promised her that her next visit will be more relaxing!  By the end of the visit, we had two entire floors unboxed and organized (YAY!) and finally had some time for fun.  Jace had a great time showing off all of his toys, helping in the kitchen, and playing with Grandma!


And that was our week!  Not many pictures (my fault!), but we did have a good time.  And now we’re working on prioritizing our list of future home repair projects.  It’s a long list, but it really is fun knowing that this house is “ours”!  I’ll post pictures when all the unpacking is complete.  You’ll have to come visit and check it out!


One thought on “Home Ownership Is Fun

  1. I’ve been patiently, ahem, okay, I’ll admit it impatiently waiting for this post. And man it’s like you have a life or something. Your devoted blog followers are glad to know that you’re moved in, the basement is dry, and home owning is fun! Miss you!!

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