We Moved!

What a crazy week!  WordPress keeps emailing me asking why I haven’t posted in so long.  The answer is because things have been crazy busy and chaotic!

After Halloween (my last post), we decided we should start packing.  We brought a bunch of stuff up from the basement and put it in the garage.  Ha – by “we”, I mean Adam.  I did a lot of playing with Jace.  Jace was fascinated with all the baby stuff.  He loved putting his stuffed animals in the swing.  And he spent more time playing with the walker now than he ever did as a baby (seriously, the two pictures, below, show much more interest in the walker than when he was a baby).
IMG_0603 IMG_0606

We were starting to feel pretty good about the amount of work we were getting done, when all of a sudden Jace got sick.  He was happy and playing one second, and whimpering and sleeping fitfully on the couch the next.  Poor Jace!  Since we was asleep on the edge of the couch, I put one of his little couches under him to catch him in case he rolled off.  Cuervo decided he should act like extra padding.  Cute.  After an hour of fitful sleep, Jace woke up, threw up, and then fell asleep in my arms.  And slept for the next three hours.
IMG_0609 IMG_0611 (2)

After a 4 hour nap, we were worried about bedtime.  That was unfounded.  Jace was asleep by 8pm and wasn’t up for the day until after 12noon.  Sixteen hours of sleep. 16!  (Okay, he did wake up several times during the night, but never for very long!).  It was sad, though, ’cause when he finally woke up for the day, he didn’t want to do a thing.  He just lay there on the bed next to me – eyes open – and whimpered.  He didn’t want chocolate milk OR the iPad OR m&ms.  Poor kid!
IMG_0665 IMG_0667

We laid low for a few days after that, but Jace’s energy was definitely coming back.  By Wednesday, he was ready to play.  The weather was nice, so we headed to the park.  Jace brought Dan Tiger (not “Daniel”, “Dan”!).  He likes to bring an animal each time and let them push the button for the crosswalk.  We had fun at the park, then headed to Weis.  Each time we go to Weis, Jace likes to get a cookie (cookie club!) and a “red apple” (black plum).  I’ve started picking up an extra plum so I have something to weigh at check out.  Jace usually eats most of the “red apple” while we’re shopping.  This time it was tricky ’cause he had to drag the wagon with Dan Tiger.  Needless to say, it was a very sloooow shopping trip.
IMG_0688 IMG_0692

The next day we closed on our house (YAY!) and the day after that was MOVING DAY.  Adam and I have moved so many times in the last 10 years, but we definitely had forgotten how much work it is.  Plus, we didn’t have a company paying for this move.  Instead, we had two guys from Craigslist.  They turned out to be pretty good guys.  Despite working hard – and being pretty efficient at loading our 10′ box truck – it stillll took over 12 hours to move all of our stuff 0.2 miles down the street.  Jace did pretty well.  It was a confusing day for him.  I’d pulled a few toys for him, so we read books and played legos all morning.  In the afternoon, our internet got connected, so he got to play online for a while.  We attempted to have his room ready for him, but since we were still moving at 10pm, it was a little rough.  But he did alright.  He calls our new place “Jacen’s House” and was soooooo excited when we invited the doggie to come to Jacen’s House.  Even now, 3 days later, he’s still excited each time he realizes the dog and cats are at Jacen’s House.  Cute, cute.
IMG_0699 IMG_0700

The morning after our move was incredibly exciting.  There were DONUTS for breakfast (Ha – can you tell which 3 Jace ate?  All he eats is the frosting on top!).  IMG_0709 IMG_0710

After donuts, there was a whole new house to explore!  Our 2nd floor deck doesn’t have access to the ground, so the kitties can hang out outside.  Jace really enjoyed being the “gate keeper” of the balcony.  And he was excited to see the cats on all their toys/climbing structures – we’d had them in storage in the basement for the past year and a half.
IMG_0715 IMG_0722

Once the novelty of helping the animals explore wore off, Jace found his bin of toys that we rotated out of service about 3 months ago.  It was like Christmas.  Everything was new!  The camera was exciting, the train puzzle was fascinating, but the two big winners were the ball popper and the Jack in the Box.  Jace was so funny with the Jack in the Box.  He can operate the entire thing by himself now, so he cranks until Jack pops up, then has a conversation with Jack (“Hello, Jack!  Peek a boo!  Good job, Jack!  Bye now.  See you soon!”), then tucks him back into the box.  Sometimes he gives Jack snacks.  Sometimes he has other animals come meet Jack.  It’s been entertaining!  I’ll try to get a video….
IMG_0745 IMG_0749

And the favorite new non-toy item is the fridge.  The fridge/freezer isn’t a side-by-side unit, it’s a top/bottom unit.  That means that Jace has access to 100% of items in the fridge.  And he definitely makes use of that access.  He’ll randomly bring me (or the animals) a fridge item.  Today was spaghetti sauce.  He also really likes to fit the lemon juice and the mayo in the silverware container of the dishwasher.  He’s funny.  And he thinks he’s being quite helpful.
IMG_0763 IMG_0764

After another afternoon of attempting to unpack, we needed a break.  I gave Jace the option of going to Weis or going to the park.  He picked Weis.  So we took Dan Tiger and walked over.  He was so good with Dan Tiger!  He put him in the cart, shared bites of his cookie and red apple, and checked on him frequently.  Jace is gonna be such a great big brother!
IMG_0783 IMG_0786

And now I should get back to unpacking.  I have found a zillion boxes with my clothing, but I can’t find the box with dish soap or trash bags.  I can find plenty of Jace toys, but I can’t find my alarm clock.  I can find almost all the kitchen items, but not the bread.  Moving is crazy.  But it’s exciting and I think everyone is starting to get a little more comfortable in the new house.  You should all come visit and check it out!  🙂  🙂


One thought on “We Moved!

  1. I don’t know if I want to visit.. I mean geez if I want toast for breakfast, a donut with frosting, or to throw something away I’m going to have to ask the neighbors! 😉 by the way have you seen the mayo? Lol. You got 1 funny kid! Wonder what the next bundle of joy will be like! I’m glad you’re all moved. Maybe jace has the trash bags? I’m glad he’s feeling better!

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