Trunk-or-Treat with a Soft Doggy

After much deliberation, Jace finally decided what he wanted to be for Halloween.  A soft doggy.  I said, “great, you’ll be a very cute doggy” and he immediately corrected me – “no, a soft doggy”.  So, here he is.  Our soft doggy!

The local community college had “Trunk-or-Treat” this weekend.  Each department from campus decorates the trunk of a car (some were pretty cool!) and park in a circle.  Kids walk from trunk to trunk collecting candy (and flyers about the departments).  Jace wasn’t too sure about the ears and tail at first, but once he saw other kids in costume he started to understand.  And once he realized people were giving him CANDY, then he was hooked on this whole Halloween thing.  We didn’t even make it back to our car before he’d open and eaten his Smarties.  Yummy!
IMG_0411  IMG_0412 (4)

After changing out of his doggy-attire, we headed to the park.  But of course Tiger had to come with us.  Jace loves this tiger stuffed animal lately.  He insisted on using Tiger’s paw to push the button for the crosswalk.  Do you know how many cars I had to wave through while I waited for the Tiger’s paw to line up exactly right with the button?!  At least the drivers seemed entertained.

Anyways, we got to the park and Jace plunked Tiger down on the bench, climbed on to the other side of the bench, and started telling Tiger about the park.  He pointed out slides, trees, and colors.  It was very cute.  Then Tiger blew off the bench (it was breezy) and Jace decided he needed to comfort Tiger.  Tiger didn’t leave his arms from that point on….
IMG_0435 IMG_0438

I’ll give Jace credit though – he was pretty talented on the play equipment with just one hand.  And Tiger seemed to have a good time too.
IMG_0447 IMG_0440 IMG_0448 IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0453

The next day was a crafty-jammies day.  We painted pumpkins.  We made salt dough ornaments.  We stuck Halloween pictures to contact paper.
IMG_0455 (1) IMG_0455 (2) IMG_0460 IMG_0461

Jace was super mellow.  I didn’t think much of it.  Then he suggested the park, so we grabbed Tiger and headed out.
IMG_0467 IMG_0473

At the park I kept trying to convince Jace to wear his coat.  And he kept refusing.  Finally I touched his skin to see if he was cold.  He was NOT.  He was burning up.  No wonder he was so mellow.  I suggested we head for home and I took his temperature.  101.8F.  Poor kid!  He said he felt okay, so that’s good, but something was going on….  We spent the rest of the day playing with the “fun toys” and cooking our pumpkin seeds.
IMG_0476 IMG_0477

Jace was up from 3:30-6:30am.  At 6:30am we both fell asleep.  I woke up at 9.  Nine!  Jace didn’t wake up until ELEVEN AM!  His fever was lower (100F), but not gone, so he got more “super yummy Tylenol”.  He loves the stuff.  I made him a festive snack, but he wasn’t in the mood to eat.
IMG_0481 IMG_0484

Instead we spent the day reading books, cuddling on the couch, and playing with toys.
IMG_0485 IMG_0488

His fever was still sticking around by evening time and it really seemed like he didn’t feel well.  He had barely eaten anything in two days.  Thank goodness he drinks so much chocolate milk – his only source of calories!

He slept pretty well until 4am, when he was wide awake.  He was very happy and very chatty.  I kept explaining that it was night so we should be sleeping.  His solution was to play “quietly”.  But he wanted me to play quietly too.  Soooooo we did.  His fever was gone (yay!), but his appetite wasn’t back yet.  I did finally convince him to eat some sugar cookie dough.  There’s health food for you.  He didn’t want any cookies though.  Which brings his food total for three days to a few bites of cookie dough, a handful of goldfish, a slice of cheese, a 6-pack of Danimals yogurt smoothies, and 3/4 of a gallon of chocolate milk.  At least he’s up on his calcium….
IMG_0500 IMG_0508

So – he’s off to bed now and Adam and I are going to go carve pumpkins.  Hoping Jace sleeps all night and feels great tomorrow.  He was happy and healthy all day today – other than the lack of appetite – so I think we’re on the up-swing.  Yay!


One thought on “Trunk-or-Treat with a Soft Doggy

  1. Reminds me of the Thanksgiving we took our family hike and I had to whip Jake around the 5 mile hike in the woods behind our house. Got home, hugged him to tell him “see, that wasn’t so bad” and felt the 102 temperature then… another Mom of the year award…

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