We went to Arizona – and we had a great time!

An important meeting got scheduled for Adam – last minute – so he didn’t get to travel down with us.  Lucky for me, I still had an amazing travel companion.  Jace is a rockstar traveller.  Seriously.  This was flight #38 and #39 for him – and his first flights in his own seat with his own frequent flyer number!
IMG_9650 (1)
IMG_9650 (2)

He was pretty adorable wandering through the airport in jammies.  Totally made sense, though, since we left our house a little before 5am.  I was worried Jace would be grumpy and upset because we woke him up so early…. but he wasn’t!  He was all smiles.  We did play with just about every toy I’d packed though….
IMG_9655 IMG_9663

We played with the cow and the horses.  We put bandaids on the farm animals.  We tried the iPad for a few minutes, but it really didn’t hold his attention (but he looked cute in his new headphones!).  We played with playdoh.  We hid cheerios and m&ms in a medicine container.  We colored.  We played with magnetic pictures.  We made – and ate – cheerio necklaces.  And, of course, we ordered apple juice when the drink cart went past.  That was a highlight for sure!
IMG_9673 IMG_9681 IMG_9684 IMG_9686 IMG_9700 IMG_9703

When we got to the airport in Phoenix, Jace had some energy to burn (possibly apple juice induced?!).  He found a post in the gate area and ran circles around it for a good 5 minutes.  It was funny.  He had an audience by the end!  After that we rode elevators, escalators, and moving walkways all the way to baggage claim – where we met up with Grandma and Grandpa!  Yay!

I figured Jace would be wiped out from traveling and would fall asleep in the car.  Nope!  He was passed the point of being tired and into the full-out hyper phase.  And that phase lasted for the next 7 hours.  He was happy, energetic, and very giggly.  He chased Grandma around outside, explored our hotel room (adjoining rooms – super awesome), and ate some snacks.  At 6:30pm we got dinner.  At 6:35pm, Jace asked to go to bed.  After a quick bath and a change into jammies, he fell asleep within 3 minutes of laying down.  And slept for over 13 hours.  YAY!

The next morning we were ready to play!  We went to IHOP for breakfast, where Jace ate over 50% of my order.  I guess skipping dinner the night before caught up to him.  Then we headed to a baseball game.
IMG_9719 IMG_9719a

Jace watched part of the game, but he had the best time when he was chasing Grandma with the mister bottle!
IMG_9720 IMG_9721

Jace and Grandpa got a few foul balls, so they were able to play catch in the concourse.  Playing catch with Jace is fun, but sometimes scary….  He’s got a running approach before he throws – and you never know just how far he’s going to run!
IMG_9742 IMG_9746

At one point, Grandpa put Jace up on a ledge to watch the game.  Jace said “tall”.  Then he jumped straight up in the air and announced “super tall!”  After that, he had no interest in standing on the ledge – he only wanted to practice his leaping – from the ledge straight at Grandpa!
IMG_9762 IMG_9764
IMG_9753 IMG_9755

After the game, we headed to the airport to get Adam.  Yay!

The next day there weren’t any games to see, so we went to the Arizona State Fair.  We checked out the model trains, pretended to play some games, played with the mister bottle, tossed some quarters and won a big tiger (Jace loved it!), and then made our way to the livestock area.
IMG_9789 IMG_9790 (1) IMG_9790 (3) IMG_9790 (4) IMG_9790 (5) IMG_9790 (6)

We saw some goats, saw some cows (and got some cow ears!), and checked out the petting zoo.
IMG_9795 IMG_9795a IMG_9796 (1) IMG_9796 (2) IMG_9808 IMG_9809 IMG_9813 IMG_9814 IMG_9817 IMG_9818

We had some down-time after the fair and Jace developed some very elaborate games with his stuffed animals.  He fed Elmo pretzels, then carried all his friends to the balcony for a nap.  Then he carried them all back inside and put them to bed on the floor.  He’s very into pretending lately.  It’s so much fun to watch!
IMG_9830 IMG_9836 IMG_9838 IMG_9844

The weather wasn’t exactly perfect on our trip, but it worked out okay.  We had a good day playing at the park and riding the carousel, then had a picnic dinner in the pouring rain (under a pavilion, thankfully!).  On the walk back to the car, the moon was very bright and pretty.  Jace kept saying “reach it!” and trying to grab it out of the sky.  Cute!
IMG_9874 IMG_9876 IMG_9880 IMG_9916

On Monday, it was back to the ballpark for us!  The weather was gorgeous and the game was great.  We ended up with a ton of baseballs (yay!) and we all had fun watching the game.
IMG_9922 IMG_9922a

Jace would focus on the game for a while – calling out “good hit” and announcing when the players were running/catching/throwing – then he’d lose interest and go back to chasing Grandma with the mister bottle.  I wish the picture was better lit because Jace’s face was super cute.  He was soooo happy!
IMG_9933 IMG_9934

Jace and Grandpa successfully chased down a home run ball, so Jace and Grandma played catch for a while.
IMG_9941 IMG_9944IMG_9967

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head home.  It was such a fun trip.  Adjoining rooms was awesome – Jace loved running to see Grandma and Grandpa in the morning – and it let us spend all of our evenings playing cards while Jace slept undisturbed in the next room.

On our trip back (flights #40 and 41 for Jace), Jace was a great traveler, as usual.  After waiting in line for security, Jace was given two stickers by TSA.  I figured he’d stick them to his shirt.  Nope!  Straight on the face.
IMG_9969 IMG_9969a

We played with the lego animals, ate a bunch of snacks, drank tons of apple juice, and played with every single toy in both of my carryon bags.  We also pushed every button, bolt, and screw we could find in our immediate area.  Jace thought all of them were doorbells, so he’d say “ding dong” each time.  It was funny.  At one point, we were playing with the lego pig and laughing so hard that Adam had to tell us to be quiet!
IMG_9979 (2) IMG_9979a

The best activity for the return flights was the page of star stickers.  Jace created pretty constellations on the plane windows.
IMG_9980 IMG_9985

It was really nice having Adam travel with us.  He carried Jace through the airport during our short connection.  And, last picture, the highlight of airports – moving walkways!  Jace is SUCH a great traveler.  And we all had an excellent vacation!
IMG_9987 IMG_9990


One thought on “Arizona

  1. Your trip sounded like it was so much fun!!!!!!
    Baseball games, flights, mister bottles, playgrounds, you seriously know how to pack in fun.
    Like literally- fun in a bag- fun Ina day- fun in flight- fun in a baseball game- fun in a bottle! Fun with band aids! I love it!

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