Play House, Pumpkins, and Parks

Word Press emails me when I haven’t posted in a while.  And then I look back through my pictures and realize that I have about a zillion pictures that I deem post-worthy.  Sooooo, here’s a kinda long post.  But it’s cute.  ‘Cause Jace is cute!

This remains an all-time favorite toy.  He seriously plays with the animals and his track  Very fun.
IMG_9238 IMG_9243

It’s astounding how often Jace’s animals get “hurt”.  He’s always quick with the ice packs and bandaids.

It’s been really nice weather lately, so Jace and I have spent lots of time at the parks.  When Adam got off work the other day, he came over to play with us.  Jace saw him from across the field and ran all the way out to meet him.  Very cute!
IMG_9246 IMG_9262

Jace and I did a big craft project this week.  We built a house.  I wasn’t sure how interested he would be, but he looooves it.  It’s so cute!  He hides in the house, hides toys in the house, plays peek-a-boo through the door and windows, eats snacks in the house, etc.  Adding handles to the door and windows really made things more fun, too.  Lastly, his house has lights!  We got battery-operated pumpkin lights so he doesn’t have to sit in the dark when he closes the door and windows.  Hours of entertainment from a cardboard box.  Pretty awesome.
IMG_9266 IMG_9267 IMG_9275 IMG_9277 IMG_9280 IMG_9285

We had friends over the other day.  One of our activities was holiday treats.  Rice krispy treat pumpkins and banana ghosts.  Yummy!  And – even more new stuff – Jace got a bell for his trike!
IMG_9304 IMG_9316

The park has been tons of fun lately.
IMG_9320 IMG_9323

Over the weekend, Jace and I got haircuts.  And Jace practiced walking with his hands in his pockets.  His new jeans actually have front and back pockets, so he’s pretty excited about it.
IMG_9327 (1) IMG_9327 (4)

After haircuts, we headed to Seiple Farms.  Jace and I spent hours there last weekend, so this time we took Adam with us.  Tons of fun, again!  We played with the beanbags, played in the corn, rode the carousel (check out the name of the horse Jace picked to ride!), ran around in the hay maze, and spent a reallllllly long time looking at the animals.
IMG_9331 IMG_9327 (7) IMG_9358 IMG_9373 IMG_9327 (10) IMG_9327 (12) IMG_9327 (11) IMG_9396

Jace showed off his “smile” against the big pumpkin again.  He likes to look at the camera for pictures now, but about 80% of the time a request for a “smile” is greeted with a wide open mouth.  Still cute.  And he did pose well for a picture with Daddy.  Before insisting on being dragged upside down off the pumpkin.  Silly kid.
IMG_9327 (13) IMG_9327 (14)IMG_9449 IMG_9452

We thought we were about done at the farm, but then Jace discovered a back area that not many people explore.  There’s a huge cement pad with all the farm equipment parked off to the side, and there’s a small area with two calves.  Well, big vehicles, cows, and dirt are three of Jace’s favorite things.  He spent a solid 45 minutes running in circles on the cement pad, kicking up dust, checking on the cows, then doing it all again.
IMG_9327 (27) IMG_9408

Jace was pretty fascinated by the dust particles in the air.  There was a shaft of sunlight in the area with the calves and that entertained him for quite a while.  The video is kinda funny to watch.

Playing in the Dust – video

Eventually we were ready to move on.  We took a few more cute pictures – and Adam took a bunch of Jace and me by the pumpkin stand (lots more Jace “smiles”) – and then we had some ice cream and headed home.
IMG_9327 (24) IMG_9420 IMG_9429 IMG_9482
IMG_9503 IMG_9493 IMG_9494 IMG_9498 IMG_9327 (39) IMG_9327 (50)

The next day I made the mistake of going to the bathroom without checking to make sure all the chairs were on the carpet.  When chairs are on the carpet, it’s pretty hard to slide them around.  When chairs are on hardwood, you can move them anywhere you want to go.  Yup….  Came back to quite the mess.  And caught the culprit red-handed!
IMG_9566 IMG_9567

After we cleaned up, we headed to the park.  Again.  ‘Cause that’s what we do.  Jace sat on the “little table” (it’s where we have our snacks), played on the twisty slide (he’s totally mastered it), insisted on running out into the middle of the soccer field area to sit on this bench, and then showed off more of his climbing abilities so HE could be the one to push the button to make the lights flash in the crosswalk.
IMG_9578 IMG_9586 IMG_9595 IMG_9602

The next day we played with sidewalk paint.  It’s weird stuff.  Jace had an okay time “painting”, but then he discovered splatter art.  It’s much more fun to put paint on your hands and clap really hard.  Paint goes everywhere and you get really cool dots all over the driveway.
IMG_9612 IMG_9617

I had a doctor’s appointment today.  Jace played on the scale.  He’s 32.8 lbs now.  So big!  I am also “so big”, but I’m not reporting my weight.  Blah!  But the baby seems to be doing really well and I was cleared to travel to Arizona tomorrow, so that’s good!  When we finished in the doctor’s office, I figured we’d get in the car and head home.  Nope!  Jace hadn’t had enough time in the waiting room, so we headed directly back to the toys and played for a good 20 minutes before he was ready to go home.
IMG_9631 IMG_9633

Like the picture on the left, below?  Looks like Jace is helping me decorate for Halloween, right?  Wrong.  Jace likes to “undecorate”.  He walks around collecting the Halloween items and gives them back to me.  I hung up two pumpkins on the window, then made us a snack for lunch.  Jace ran out of the room, came back with his stool, climbed up, took the pumpkins down, and handed them to me.  Then he announced “undecorate!”  At least he knows what he’s doing!

He also clearly knows what he’s doing when it comes to playing the drums.  It’s impossible to walk past a utility box with Jace without him grabbing two sticks and banging away for a while.  Maybe he’ll be a famous drummer!
IMG_9643 IMG_9646

Lastly, Jace got a sticker at Target the other day.  Apparently he had the sticker in his car seat and chose to play with it today.  He was laughing so hard while I was driving.  When I got to the driveway I finally got to turn around and see what he was doing.  He was using the sticker like an eye patch.  And it was cracking him up.  He’s such a fun and happy kid.  Totally the best!
IMG_9637 IMG_9641


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