Trike Ride

Our current house is all dressed up for Halloween (yay!).  And our new house officially has a “sold” sign on it (yay!).
IMG_9179 IMG_9189

Jace was funny today.  I told him it was time to head upstairs so I could shower.  He said he wanted to stay downstairs.  I asked if he needed anything.  He requested the ipad, snack, and cold water in a bowl.  Okkkkay.  So, I got him his requested items.  And he watched the ipad, ate chex mix, and kept his hand in a bowl of cold water the whole time I showered.  ?!?!?!?!  At least he can tell me what he wants, ’cause that’s one combination I never would have guessed on my own!

After 48F weather this weekend, we’re back to the low 70s.  It’s gorgeous.  We’ve been taking full advantage of the weather by having play dates every morning AND afternoon.  It’s fun because all of our friends are on staggered nap schedules lately.  It means they never get to see each other, but it also means everyone wants to play with US!  And, since naps don’t happen around here, we’re pretty much always free.  This afternoon’s play date was especially fun.  We walked to the park.  Jace stops to play the drums on this utility box every time we pass it.  He picks up a stick for each hand, then smacks the utility box for a while before continuing on his way….
IMG_9218 IMG_9220

At the park, we met up with Daphne and her mom, Maria.  We played on the playground for a long time.  Jace is getting pretty good at climbing and he’s established a designated snack location.  We go to this park a lot and he calls the step he’s sitting on the “little table” and he always eats his snacks there.  We had a lot of picnics on the “little table” this summer.   

Anyways, after playing for a while, we went on a TRIKE RIDE!  Daphne has a trike just like Jace.  It was so much fun and the kids loved it.  Daphne has a bell on her trike.  I think a trip to the bike accessory aisle is definitely in our future, ’cause Jace loved that bell.  We almost got a flat tire, but luckily the tires are solid plastic, so we were okay.  It was our biggest puncture of the summer though and resulted in a bumpy ride until I figured out which wheel was causing the bumps!  Eventually Daphne went home and Jace and I headed to Weis for a cookie (cookie club!) and a red apple (plum).  It was a GREAT day!


2 thoughts on “Trike Ride

  1. I totally love your posts! I love hearing Jace’s little voice! He is so sweet! Where do you think he got that?! Ha ha! You are the best mom ever!


    Sent from my iPad


  2. I’ve decided that- that for sale sign means that you’re moving to Anchorage. Even though you aren’t. I’d like you to, ok?!?! ☺️😀😀👍🏻 then there can be fun adventures with me- tif! I’m awesome! I’m not even making that up!
    So, is that a yes?

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