Who Needs Pumpkins When You’ve Got Tractors?!

I had a crafty/sewing project to work on this week.  Luckily for me, Jace was very excited to help with the crafting/sewing.  I put a needle on the end of some embroidery floss and Jace had a great time stringing buttons.  It was a sharp needle and the yellow buttons were pretty tiny and he did GREAT.  I was impressed.  Then, when it was time to use the sewing machine, Jace would sit in my lap and wait patiently until it was time to back-stitch.  It was officially his job to push the back-stitch button and to cut the threads once we were done with a piece.  It was helpful and wonderfully cuddly!

Jace still had a touch of the stomach flu on Thursday/Friday, I think.  Both days were drizzly and cool, so we had the parks to ourselves again.  Hurray!  I was hesitant to go to the park Friday because it was so wet.  But Jace suggested we bring a towel, then climbed on his trike to wait for me.  The kid knows what he wants!  So we went to the park.  And Jace was very diligent about drying the slides before we played!
IMG_8976 IMG_8977

We played with some chalk once we got home, but that activity was cut short by the rain.  Jace likes to draw dump trucks.  Occasionally a picture will be a “cat” and then, with one more swipe of the chalk, it becomes a “dump truck”.  He’s very emphatic about the subject matter once his pictures are complete.  His yellow drawing (second picture) is a dump truck.
IMG_8978 IMG_8979

Saturday morning we headed to the Kids Workshop at Home Depot.  It’s such a great program!  This week we got to build a firetruck.  Jace loves everything that has to do with flashing lights, so he was very excited about the firetruck.  He did an excellent job hammering in the nails and a liberal job with the paint.  We had to wait 24 hours before things were dry enough to add the wheels!
IMG_8998 IMG_8999 IMG_9004 IMG_9007

Saturday afternoon was the Fall Festival at our local park.  Saturday afternoon was also COLD.  We’ve been in the 70s and suddenly we were in the high 40s.  Brrrrr!  But we bundled up – and most of the activities were inside the community center anyways.  We tasted several soups, Jace got a hotdog, we all had some donuts, and we checked out the kid activities.  Then we climbed on the flatbed for our hayride to the pumpkin patch.  We tried to get a family picture, but Jace wasn’t interested.  In fact, the only thing Jace was interested in was the tractor pulling us for the hayride.  He was mesmerized!IMG_9020 IMG_9021

When we got to the “pumpkin patch” (yeahhhhh, it was just a corner of the grassy park), all the other kids rushed to pick a pumpkin.  Jace, on the other hand, rushed for the tractor.  The driver was friendly and let Jace check it out.  We eventually grabbed a pumpkin, but Jace had absolutely zero interest in picking it or decorating it.
IMG_9023 IMG_9035

Sunday morning the fire truck was ready for stickers and wheels.  And then ready to start driving around!  Jace seemed pretty proud of the fact that he painted the truck himself.  He got the truck he made a few weeks ago out too, and the two trucks drove all over the playroom.

This afternoon, Jace and I headed to Seiple Farms to check out their fall activities.  The morning started off cold and cloudy, so there weren’t many people at the farm.  Not long after we got there, the sun broke through and the day became gorgeous.  It was a great day to be outside!  Jace played in the corn tables, looked at the animals (they have tiny piglets!), rode the carousel, checked out the straw maze, went back for more time at the corn tables, and tossed some beanbags.  There was so much to do!
IMG_9064 IMG_9070  IMG_9105 IMG_9118 IMG_9129 IMG_9133 IMG_9135 IMG_9143

Eventually we were ready for our hayride.  Jace was sooooo excited about the tractor.  I tried to get a picture of his face, but he couldn’t drag his eyes away from the tractor!IMG_9084 IMG_9091

Once we arrived at the pumpkin patch, Jace had almost no interest in the pumpkins.  He was very concerned about where the tractor was going and why it left without us.  He kept asking the tractor to come back.  I promised him that if we picked out a pumpkin, we could get back on the hayride.  Jace understood the deal, picked the first pumpkin he found, and was ready to go.  It took some convincing to get him out into the field, but eventually we did some exploring.  We picked out two little pumpkins, then got back on the hayride.  And again, Jace spent the entire ride staring at the tractor.
IMG_9098 IMG_9093 IMG_9099 IMG_9100

Lastly, as we were heading to the car, Jace stopped to lean against a gigantic pumpkin.  He just stood there staring at me.  I asked him what he was doing and he said “smiling” – so I took his picture!  He’s so cute!  And it was great weather for a day of outdoor fall activities.  We both had fun.  We have big plans to take Adam with us next weekend!
IMG_9151 IMG_9150


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