He Kissed a Fish!

Thursday morning we had a playdate with Jace’s friend Cara.  They kicked balls down the hill for a while, then just stood at the top of the hill together.  It was cute.  After Cara left, Jace and I decorated the driveway with chalk.  Then washed the driveway off, of course, ’cause that’s the best part of playing with chalk!
IMG_8721 IMG_8729

When Adam got home, we headed for Baltimore.  It was an easy drive and we stopped for yummy dinner on the way.  The next morning we went to the Baltimore Comic Con.  Jace helped me set up my table.  And sampled my merchandise….! IMG_8736 IMG_8731

Then explored under the table.  And finally settled in to play with some playdoh.  I bought a 4-pack of tiny playdoh at Target for $1.  And it was the best $1 I’ve spent in a really long time.  Jace played with this stuff allllllllll weekend!
IMG_8740 IMG_8744

That night, we headed to the aquarium!  It was pretty cool.  I love when they have a huge underwater viewing area.  We could have spent all night there!
IMG_8760 IMG_8761

We so lots of strange fish.  Jace liked the sharks.
IMG_8762 IMG_8767

And he liked the “really big fish”, despite the number of times we told him they were called dolphins.  But the second picture (below) really captures our true aquarium experience.  Adam and I would look at the fish.  Jace would find a button or a ramp or an escalator or a revolving door.  Adam and I would look at more fish.  Jace would find another button or ramp or escalator or revolving door.  He LOVED it.
IMG_8770 (4) IMG_8770 (5)

My favorite aquarium moment was Jace’s interaction with his yellow fish friend.  There was a little yellow fish that loved Jace.  Every time Jace would walk up to the window, his yellow fishie friend would swim over to see him.  The fish would make fishie faces at the glass, so I told Jace the fish was kissing him.  He thought that was funny.  IMG_8777 IMG_8778

Then he lay down to get a closer look.
IMG_8779 IMG_8786

And then he kissed the fish back!  It was pretty funny.  After that he wanted to kiss all the fish, but we limited it to just his yellow fishie friend.  Jace said “bye” when we left!
IMG_8787 IMG_8796

The next day was more time at the comic con.  We actual slept in a little and had a relaxing hotel breakfast, so that was nice.  Then we hung out at the table for most of the day.  Same story the next day.  Jace had a great time at the table playing with toys (and playdoh!), reading books, and helping me restock the suckers.  He must have opened about 30 suckers this weekend.  He only ate about 3, but he liked opening them and telling me what colors they were.  He didn’t even taste most of them!
IMG_8839 IMG_8870 IMG_8888 IMG_8892

Sunday night we waited for traffic to clear (the con ended at the same time as the Ravens game), then we headed home.  Jace slept a lot of the car ride.  He was excited to see the kitties the next morning!  And very excited to play with his toys.  We gave him my old camera and he’s been having a great time taking pictures.  He doesn’t quite understand the concept, but he’s getting there.
IMG_8924 IMG_8928 IMG_8931 IMG_8937

Tuesday night we went to “Heroes” night at Chick fil A.  They had a firetruck to could climb in, but Jace was much more interested in the blue flashing lights of the police car.
IMG_8938 IMG_8939

Jace really likes playing with his mama and baby horse.  Occasionally they fall down the ramp, but Jace is always quick to help them out with bandaids.  In fact, I think we’re going bandaid shopping today because you can only reuse bandaids on the couch and carpet so many times before they stop sticking….!
IMG_8944 IMG_8947

We seem to have a little touch of the stomach flu.  Jace goes back and forth between seeming pretty sick and seeming completely healthy.  After a sick phase from noon – 2pm, he decided it was time to go to the park.  And we did.  And we explored the woods and did the slide and had a great time for several hours.  And he seemed to feel fine!  It was good ’cause it gave Adam a chance to sleep of HIS version of the flu.  Blah.  Now it’s 9am and I was thinking we were all doing much better, but I was wrong.  Poor Jace.  SO!  I’m thinking a mellow day of iPad, playdoh, and maybe the park.  It’s so overcast lately that no one else goes to the park.  Which is great, ’cause then we can go and not worry about contaminating anyone else!
IMG_8963 IMG_8968

Lastly, here are some videos….

Cartoons are Funny – video
Jace has watched this little clip of an Arthur cartoon so many time.  And he laughs each time!  I don’t quite get what’s so funny, but he loves it.

Egg Drop Soup – video
We went to PF Changs for lunch one day during the comic con.  We had snacks for Jace and were planning on sharing our food.  Then our soup was served.  Jace likes soup.  We asked him what he wanted and he told us.  Very clearly.  I love his voice!

Rice Confetti – video
Ahhhh, the rice.  Usually the rice stays mostly on the play table.  But recently Jace has created a new game.  You grab a handful of rice, climb on the box, and then, when you jump off, you throw the rice like confetti!  He got a little out of his rhythm on this one, but you get the idea.  We do a lot of vacuuming around here lately….!

The BIG Slide – video
Jace has conquered the BIG slide at the park!  This slide is seriously huge and steep.  And for months we’ve been going down together.  But the other day Jace saw a kid go down by himself and decided he was ready for a solo slide trip too.  And he was!  It’s fun.  And Jace always reassures himself with a “great job!” when he makes it to the bottom of the slide!


One thought on “He Kissed a Fish!

  1. Ok- talk about action packed!!!!!!

    Suckers with capes looked great!
    Pf changs- yum! and Jace totally annunciated! I want pf changs.

    I ❤️ Acquariums. You know none of those fish get kisses- how sweet!

    And Heros night! How cool is that! I want one ☺️ You know- a chic fil a. Although I’ll take a hero on the side too. 😉

    I like how he tells himself good job. Seriously adorable!

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