Reading to the Animals

Here are a few pictures from our week thus far.  I’m anticipating a picture-intensive weekend, so I figured I’ll get this post down now!

Below is our current favorite set up for the Smart Animals track.  This toy is awesome.  Jace plays with it all the time.  His favorite animals are the mama horse and the baby horse.  He makes them talk to each other, interact, and play.  It’s so cute!  Of course I can’t get him to do it for a video, but he’s adorable.  He’ll have them run together and say “hi mama” or “bye baby” as they pass each other.  Then they’ll both hear “loud thunder” and run into the stable together (tight fit!).  They discuss if it’s safe now, then come back out to play.  When their noses touch, they make a kissy sound, which Jace loves.  He’s always making them kiss and hugs them and carries them around with him throughout the house.  Love it!

The next picture is Jace’s second favorite activity – reading to the animals!  He crawls into his couch fort and reads to the cats when they’re in there.  Sometimes he even shows them pictures or points things out to them on the pages.
IMG_8531 (2) IMG_8540

Here’s a video of Jace reading to Cuervo this morning.  He read both nursery rhyme books to Cuervo multiple times and it was sooooo cute.  This is the best video I got, but it doesn’t include all of the words he used during some of the “readings”.  But it’s still super cute and I love listening to his little voice!

Reading and Singing – video

Jace and I spent 2.5 hours sitting at the base of our driveway with our neighbor the other day!  She had a present for Jace – a water balloon pump!  He loved it.  He helped with every step of filling the balloons and then liked to carry them around and play with them before smashing them into the pavement.  We were all soaked by the time we went inside.
IMG_8611 IMG_8617 IMG_8619 IMG_8620

Jace has so much fun with his new Smart Animal toys that the iPad has lost some of its appeal (yay!).  However, he still likes to hang out on the bed while I take a shower in the morning.  He’s great at navigating youtube!

We had a play date with Jack and Cassie a few days ago.  Usually the boys are both hyper and toys end up everywhere.  But this time they were obsessed with the B is for Bulldozer book.  It’s pretty funny to hear the words “excavator” and “loader” from a 2 year old!  After Jack and Cassie left, Jace got his energy back (the chocolate milk helped).  We devised a new game of smack-the-tupperware-off-the-couch-with-a-pool-noodle.  It’s a fun game.
IMG_8674 IMG_8678

We walked to the park yesterday and played for a really long time.  It’s a fun park.  And it’s really close to Weis….
IMG_8695 IMG_8696

So after the slide for the zillionth time, we headed to Weis for the Cookie Club.  We ended up buying a plum too, because Jace yelled “pick apple!” and charged the plums.  He’d taken a bite before I could even react!  When we came home, Jace used a screwdriver to repair the cabinet for me. 

This morning we played with Legos.  Jace loooooves this Lego set.  It’s a farm theme and he calls the farmer “Farmer Dell”.  He really likes that song.  Anyways, he likes to use the pitchfork to feed the animals and the farmer.  Today they had apples, water, bread, pizza, and oatmeal with the fork.  Then the horse (accidentally?!) got thrown into the wall and we spent the next 20 minutes with an ice pack and bandaids making the horse feel better.

After playing, we headed to the library for story hour.  Poor Jace.  He does NOT enjoy story hour.  When I told him we were going to the library with all the books, he thought we were going to Barnes and Noble.  Barnes and Noble has an awesome train set for kids to play with.  The library does not.  When story hour ended, Jace asked “play choo-choos now?”, so we headed to Barnes and Noble.  And had a great time!IMG_8706 IMG_8716

And THAT is our week thus far.  More soon!


2 thoughts on “Reading to the Animals

  1. Seriously. What a fun week. A pool noodle Tupperware game! And water balloon filler?!?! I need to stop and have a little a more fun time in my life like Jace and your fam is having! I LOVE all the sweet stories!
    Can’t wait for this weekends adventure!

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