Labor Day Festivities

Labor Day is apparently a really big deal in a tiny town 30 minutes north of us.  Adam had to work on Labor Day, so Jace and I met him for lunch.  And then we headed north to Pen Argyl to celebrate Labor Day.  Jace, who hasn’t napped for me in over a month now, fell asleep right as we got to the parade route.  Seriously!  It was ridiculous.  Luckily, it was apparently a two hour parade (!!), so when he woke up after an hour of napping, we were able to catch the end of the parade.  We were just in time for the fire trucks and semis portion, so Jace was thrilled (although a little overwhelmed to go from sleeping to standing next to a bunch of semis blasting their horns repeatedly).  The other kids all had bags and bags of candy, so there was zero competition.  We got a ton of candy in less than 15 minutes.  Lots of suckers, so Jace was excited.

After the parade, we headed to the carnival.  It was a huge carnival and the first attraction was the carousel.  Yay!  We rode the carousel.  And rode it again.  And again.  The entire ride Jace was pretty straight-faced, but he kept saying “fun”, “excited”, “happy”, so I guess he was having a good time.  I did get a few pictures of him looking happy!  After the carousel we headed into the carnival area.  We only made it as far as the food, because Jace wanted a hot dog.  I don’t know if he saw someone with a hot dog or just smelled them, but he pulled on my hand until I dropped down to his level and he said “Mama, HOT DOG!”  So he ate a hot dog.  And a second hot dog.  He wasn’t interested in checking out the games or rides, so I don’t even know what the carnival really had to offer.  But he was happy to play on the playground and then ride the carousel again!
IMG_7950 IMG_7945 IMG_7961 IMG_7970

There’s a flowering plant in front of our house.  I don’t know what it is, but bees love it.  And not little bees, no, big huge bees.  I don’t care much for bees, but I’m trying not to pass ridiculous phobias to Jace.  So he spends a lot of time watching the “buzzy bees”.  He’s so cute.  He’ll announce every time he sees another one.  In this picture, there are seven of the huge bees (seriously, bigger than quarters) and a bunch of little ones.  Creeeeepy!  But Jace likes his “buzzy bees”…..

I was carrying laundry upstairs today and realized I didn’t know where Jace had gone.  I thought he was in the kitchen, but didn’t see him.  Upon closer inspection, I found him.  In the cabinets.  Silly!

Jace looooves the car.  He doesn’t understand why I won’t drive with him in the front seat.  He now likes to buckle his own seat belt while he’s in the car.  Even when we’re just parked in the driveway.  It’s cute.  He also makes his toys buckle their seat belts (or sit in car seats) when he plays with toys inside.  It’s cute too.
IMG_8001 IMG_8007

He also loves the trunk of the car.  Seems hot to me, but in today’s 90+F weather, Jace wanted to play in the trunk of the car.  For over an hour.  Finally we took a break and drove home.  And when we got home, we played some more.  He loves going through the tool kit and “fixing” things.
IMG_8009 IMG_8010

Adam and Jace went to 7-11 the other day.  I got a picture message while they were gone from Adam.  The caption said “we’re buying rolos”.  Yup, Jace is quick!  He grabbed the candy and took a bite before Adam could stop him!  But he came home and burned off the sugar rush by playing with Claire.
IMG_8027 IMG_8030

We made a second batch of salsa yesterday with our TONS of tomatoes.  Jace helped.

Making Salsa – video

Lastly, Jace got two new animals for his animal track last month – a mama horse and a baby horse.  Well, we misplaced the baby horse the day we opened it.  It’s been driving me crazy because I couldn’t find it anywhere.  And trust me, I looked.  Well, today Jace started asking for the baby horse.  I told him I didn’t know where it was.  He ran over to the animal track, got on his tummy, and pulled the baby horse out of a tiny hidden compartment that I didn’t know existed.  Jace has known where this darn horse was for a month!  I’ve moved the whole track multiple times and never found it.  And he knew all along!  Silly boy.  He was pretty proud of himself.  And now the mama horse and the baby horse are back together!
IMG_8032 IMG_8033


2 thoughts on “Labor Day Festivities

  1. Ha! What a sneaky boy! I wonder what he’ll hide in that secret compartment next? That’s pretty cool to have a secret cave to hide stuff in. 🙂

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