Kids Workshops are Awesome!

On Friday, we went to our big “level II” ultrasound.  It was a loooong appointment where they looked at all kinds of things.  After an hour and 45 minutes, the determined that Jace’s little brother seems very healthy and all the measurements are in the “normal” range.  Hurray!  While the baby was moving a lot during the ultrasound, he refused to roll over, so it took a long time for the techs to get all the necessary images.  Jace did a great job sitting patiently.  He pointed at the screen and said “brother” multiple times.  Very cute!

After the doctor’s appointment (and a yummy celebratory lunch), Jace and I headed to Barnes and Noble to buy a book about being a Big Brother.  Initially, Jace was pretty excited about his new book.  And then he saw the trains.  We played at the train table for over an hour.  He loved it!
IMG_7854 IMG_7855

Saturday morning, Jace and I headed to Home Depot for the Kids Workshop.  IT WAS AWESOME!  I can’t believe we’re just finding out about these now!  The website suggests the workshops are for kids 5 – 12.  I figured 2 was waaaay too young.  But 2 is a great age for the workshop!  Jace loves painting and hammering, so he loved it.  He got a cute little orange apron to wear (which he kept on for a little while).  He had a great time painting, even if the tables are a little tall for him.  And then, he did a great job hammering the nails.  I would start them, then he’d whack at things until all the nails were in.  It was a good system and he loved it.  There were lots of kids there and it was very loud and exciting.  When we were finished making our football toss game, Jace earned a “project completion” pin for his apron and got a snack.  Such a cute program!  I can’t wait for next month!
IMG_7864 IMG_7867 IMG_7874 IMG_7880 IMG_7882 IMG_7884

Saturday evening was Adam’s company picnic.  The picnic was at an IronPigs game, so it started at 6:30pm.  Since Jace usually starts his bedtime routine around 7pm, we weren’t sure how long we’d be able to stay.  Adam even tried to get Jace to take a nap so he’d be extra well rested.  Ha.  That didn’t happen.  Jace doesn’t nap anymore.  But he did great at the game anyways!  We stayed all the way until the 9th inning (so we could get our $1 pretzels).  The IronPigs were losing 1-13, so we didn’t figure we’d miss much by leaving a little early.  Jace was smiling the entire game.  The free buffet didn’t hurt (yum).  We met a lot of Adam’s co-workers, ate too much food, and Jace got a souvenir wooden bat with the IronPigs logo – which he loves.  It was pretty cute – Jace was really into the game!  He kept announcing “throw”, “catch”, and “run” to correspond to whatever the players were doing on the field.  And he kept saying “IronPiglet.  Fun.  Happy.”  He had a good time.  Plus, on the drive home, he realized he could use his new toy bat to turn the dome light on and off in the car.  Quite entertaining!  It was a fun night.  And, despite a few middle of the night wake ups, Jace slept til 10am this morning, so he’s all caught up on sleep!
IMG_7893 IMG_7898 IMG_7902 IMG_7909


One thought on “Kids Workshops are Awesome!

  1. ultrasound 2 appointment?!?!! Wow!! I love that we saw a baby belly pic in the previous post! Thanks! It’s like really happening! And Jace getting a big brother book! It’s all very exciting- you know!!!

    Home Depot looks like michaels crafting Saturday’s but for boys!

    And Jace is sounding impressive at Adams baseball work functions! Good job parents! That’s awesome!

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