Talking, Playing, and Dancing

Talking is awesome.  I LOVE that Jace is talking now.  He says such funny stuff!  For instance, tonight Adam was getting Jace ready for bed.  After the bedtime story, Jace was supposed to jump into bed.  Instead, he said “closet?”  Adam agreed that Jace could play in the closet for 2 minutes before bed.  Jace liked the idea.  Usually he opens and closes the doors, peeks out, or plays “surprise” and jumps in/out of the closet.  Tonight?  Tonight he stood in the closet in silence for 2 minutes.   Adam told him his time was up, so Jace opened the door, said “Fun!”, and climbed into bed.  ?!?!  I never would have guessed that was “fun” if he wasn’t able to tell us.

And since he can talk, he can tell me all of his ideas and plans.  It’s awesome!!!!  He tells me when his stuffed animals are tired, when they need covers, and where they want to go.  He suggests food items for breakfast and lunch.  He asks for toys to bring to the park.  He tells me when he’s scared or brave or tired or sleepy or a zillion other things.  Yeah, this talking stuff is pretty great.

A frequently used word is “picture”.  Jace likes when I take his picture.  And sometimes he sees things that he thinks are picture-worthy.  The other morning, he decided I should take pictures of him standing in the closet with a hanger in his mouth.  So I did.

Story hour at the library is starting up again soon, so Jace and I are going to enroll.  I think I need to get him around more kids more often.  He likes his playgroup friends, but he does not like random kids at the playground.  We got to the park the other day and there were two girls on the swings.  Jace gave them this look (see below) for a good 10 minutes before they moved to the merry-go-round.  As soon as they were gone, Jace was all smiles on the swings.  With Elmo, of course.
IMG_6866 IMG_6867 IMG_6871 IMG_6879

We made SALSA!  We had tons and tons of tomatoes from our garden, and we couldn’t eat them quickly enough.  We’d never made salsa before, but it was really fun.  And definitely a family event.  We even canned it when we were finished so it will last.  We ended up with 12 jars of delicious salsa.
IMG_6881 IMG_6884 IMG_6885 IMG_6886

Jace has officially given up naps.  It’s been about 3 weeks now of no naps.  As long as he gets to bed early and sleeps late, we do okay.  Sometimes we need a low-stimulation activity in the middle to mimic a restful/quiet time.  That works.  Last Sunday, Jace was pretty crabby.  Adam forced him to nap and figured if he really didn’t want to sleep, he could wake up after just a few minutes.  Well, Jace slept for 90 minutes, woke up crying, came to find us, threw himself dramatically to the floor, and promptly fell asleep for another hour.  Guess he was tired!  But then bedtime rolled around and it took over 3 hours to get Jace to sleep….  That’s what a mid-day nap does!
IMG_7280 IMG_7282

Given Jace had napped so long, I figured we’d head to a local carnival to use up some energy.  The word carnival is overused, I think.  This was not a carnival.  This was a stage with a band and a concession stand.  Luckily, there was a playground nearby, so Jace was happy.  Plus, some guy from a local church was giving out balloons AND suckers.  That was super exciting for Jace.

As we were leaving the “carnival”, we stopped at the concession stand and got Jace a hot dog.  He ate it in about 3 seconds, announced that he wanted more, climbed down, walked towards the concession stand, then told Adam to “come with”.  He said “hot dog”, the woman gave him a hot dog, and he brought it back to me at the table.  His face was so cute.  He was so excited that this window seemed to dispense hot dogs any time you wanted.  After the second hot dog, Jace decided he wanted water.  Same situation as before, he walked to the window, told Adam to “come with”, said “water”, and was handed a bottle of water.  Awesome!  Then he did the same thing again for his third hot dog.  When he headed back for a fourth hot dog, we dragged him away from the concession stand with the promise of a cookie from Weis on our way home (since we needed groceries anyways).  I know sleep is an issue for us, but EATING is definitely going just fine!
IMG_7283 IMG_7284 IMG_7290 IMG_7291 IMG_7301 IMG_7310

This is Jace’s new “smile”.  It’s cute.  We went to Crayola and I asked him to smile for a picture for Daddy.  And he did.  Crayola was fun.  We hadn’t been in a while and Jace is getting big enough for some of the other attractions!  It will be lots of fun this fall/winter.
IMG_7327 IMG_7331 IMG_7337 IMG_7339

Jace loves being outside.  It’s been in the low 90s for several days now.  And he doesn’t mind one bit.  He can usually be persuaded to hang out in the shade for some of the time.  And when we head inside he’s great about rehydrating.  I bought a 6-pack of Danimals yogurt smoothies.  And Jace powered through all six in one afternoon.  Ridiculous!
IMG_7341 IMG_7342

Jace likes to stick his hand in cups of water.  I soooo don’t get it.  But it makes him laugh so hard that occasionally we let him play.
IMG_7350 IMG_7352

Jace found a tube of sunscreen.  And decided to apply it before putting on his clothes for the day.  Good plan, I guess.  And then here’s another picture of his “smile”!
IMG_7398 IMG_7399

Jace conquered the tunnel slide!  He was very hesitant at first.  He asked me to come with him, told me he was scared, and suggested we go slow.  We did.  Repeatedly.  And eventually he was ready to do it on his own.  Then he learned he can climb UP the tunnel slide.  We spent a long time inside the tunnel slide at the park in 90F+ weather.  At least it was shaded….
IMG_7413 IMG_7403

We also found a new park that looks awesome.  It was too hot to play for long, but we’ll definitely have to check it out again once things cool off.
IMG_7445 IMG_7447

Lastly, here are two videos of Jace dancing.  Adam thinks they’re hilarious.  He’s watched them a zillion times.  Jace has this toy that used to hang on his infant car seat.  He hasn’t played with it in months, but he found it the other day and he likes to make it play the song and dance around.  And repeat.  And repeat.  It’s a cute dance!

Warming Up…. And DANCING! – video

Dancing…. And falling down…. – video


One thought on “Talking, Playing, and Dancing

  1. That is quite a smile he’s got there! :-0
    And so consistently cute with everything he does. I can hardly wait to finally meet him and see you and Adam and your parents!!! See you soon!

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