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Jace is adorable.  And he does so many cute things each day.  And lately my pictures are NOT up to par.  Part of it is the fact that I try to take sneaky pictures – any time Jace sees my phone, he thinks it’s iPad time and wants to stop playing whatever we’re playing.  Sneaky pictures generally don’t equal well focused pictures with excellent lighting and a smiling toddler.  The other part is that a big part of Jace’s cuteness lately is the talking/interacting.  Which isn’t captured at all in pictures.  So, this post has pictures, but the cuteness is mostly contained in the stories and videos, I think.

Jace loves chocolate milk.  He’ll go a few days without thinking about it, but once he gets it in his mind, he’s pretty focused until he gets a glass of chocolate milk.  Yet again, we found ourselves without any chocolate milk in the house.  A big reason is the fact that Jace really likes the quart size containers.  He can fly through one of those.  But he really doesn’t like it if he sees us buying a gallon.  He’ll say “no, little one, little one!”  I LOVE THAT HE TALKS TO US!  Anyways, we were out of chocolate milk, so Jace suggested the store.  And off we went.  And, yet again, he insisted on carrying the milk all the way home.  He dropped it at one point and found it completely hilarious.  But we made it home with mostly cool milk that didn’t spill.  And we were happy.
IMG_6605 IMG_6612

Jace really likes Daniel Tiger.  A big part of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is Trolley.  Jace got a toy Trolley and he looooves it.  It’s cute.  He drives it around and says “ding, ding!”  I asked him where he was taking Daniel Tiger and he said “doctor’s office”.  I asked why and he said “check up”.  I asked if Daniel was scared (in the episode where Daniel goes to the doctor, he’s scared).  Jace said “no, no shot”.  He’s so cute!  And he likes to pretend!  At one point, Trolley crashed off the table and Daniel went flying.  Jace ran to grab the ice pack to help Daniel feel better.  He also iced Claire’s tail when he stepped on it and Cuervo’s nose after he sneezed.  The animals weren’t as excited about the ice pack as Jace….  But Jace means well.  He’s very sweet.  When he crashed Trolley into my shin the other day, he kissed my shin and said “better” and hugged me to make sure.  Love it.  Oh!  And you should hear him say “Trolley”.  It’s so cute!  We took a video, but it’s pretty short.  You should all just come visit and hear it in person instead.
IMG_6616 IMG_6619

The couches are still a huge hit.  Especially with the cats.
IMG_6630 (2) IMG_6630 (3)

The weather has been nice lately.  Low 80s, though we’re set to get into the 90s again next week.  Jace and I have been taking advantage of the nice weather to play outside.  We spent a hot afternoon picking tomatoes (we soooo need to find a tomato sauce or salsa recipe – ASAP) and we’ve had a few nice outdoor picnics.
IMG_6636 IMG_6652

Jace is fascinated by the car.  This morning I figured we’d have a relaxing morning, then head to the park.  Jace didn’t want to go to the park.  After finding his pink shirt (favorite, at the moment, and it’s always exciting when it comes back from the laundry), he headed straight to the car.  He always buckles himself in now before he “drives”.  He’s also learned how to start the car.  I usually hang out in the backseat.  The car started up and I thought to myself “it’s okay, he can’t shift and he can’t reach the pedals”.  The second I thought that, the car revved.  I peeked into the front seat and Jace was in the footwell with the pedals.  Sigh!  Guess we need new “playing in the car” rules….!
IMG_6830 IMG_6837

Daddy came home and Jace climbed right into his car for a turn at the wheel.  And buckled himself in, of course.  Then we checked the mail and waited for our neighbor to get home….
IMG_6845 IMG_6852

Our neighbor’s name is Dolores, but Jace calls her Dee.  Every time he sees a car head down our street, he gets hopeful that it’s Dee.  When Dee gets home, she lets Jace check the mail with her, gives him cookies, and lets him help carry things into her house.  It’s pretty exciting.  Here’s a video from this afternoon.  Jace knew Dee was supposed to get home soon.  And cars just kept teasing him by driving down our street and not being Dee.  So here’s a video of Jace watching one of the zillion cars that wasn’t Dee.  I thought his talking was extra cute.

Waiting for Dee

And lastly, here’s a video of Jace doing a kitty puzzle early in the morning.  Sometimes we have quiet time to wake up happy.  Jace gets a drink and does puzzles.  He does a great job with the 4 piece kitty puzzles.  And he loves the stars that appear when you finish the puzzle.  Again, this is posted ’cause I like hearing his voice!

“Did It!”


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  1. Yay it’s official!! You’re having a ???? I see it in your title!! Now I want belly pics!!

    Jace is sooooo cute when talking!!! I love videos! And pics! And your blog! And your family! And your adventures! And oh yeah.. I love you!!

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