Grandma and Aunt Mel

Jace had visitors this week.  Visitors are fun.  Visitors buy cake and buy presents and take you on adventures.  And Grandma and Auntie visitors are the best kind!

Jace had a fun (and busy!) week.  He read books with Grandma, taught Aunt Mel all about the cookie club at Weis (seriously – he says “cookie club”, “go Weis, shop, cookie!”, and will specify if he wants a chocolate chip cookie or a sugar cookie – he’s into it!), he played with playdough with Grandma, and Aunt Mel taught him to shoot baskets.
IMG_5498 IMG_5560 IMG_5568 IMG_5569

Adam took Friday off, so we went to Point Pleasant Beach (in New Jersey).  I like it there.  We stopped in at the arcade and got hooked.  There’s a stupid pirate/coin shooting game.  It’s ridiculously addictive.  You get 12 shots for $1, but you’re always soooo close to a bonus round or chips or something that you can’t walk away.  Stupid game.  Sooooo, we all played that for a while.  Even Jace was into it!  Although he was more interested in retrieving the chips we won than shooting the coins….  But we did win a lot, so it kept him busy!
IMG_5629 IMG_5630 (1) IMG_5630 (2) IMG_5630 IMG_5631

After we tore ourselves away from THAT game, we found some great Jace games.  He liked the ball drop – and liked watching the ticket dispenser even more.
IMG_5636 IMG_5640

He did a play-til-you-win claw game and won a little turtle (he was very excited), then he played some skee-ball.  There’s a video.  It’s pretty funny.
IMG_5641 IMG_5643

Skee-Ball – video

We worked up an appetite in the arcade, so we needed a treat afterwards.  Jace was happy to take his spoon from person to person, tasting all the flavors.  It’s a good thing we all like to share with him!
IMG_5645 IMG_5651

After that, we headed to the beach.  I love the beach!  Amelia kept trying to convince Jace to stand in the waves with her.  Every time she’d turn to assure him that the waves were small and it was really fun, a big wave would come up and get her.  *I* thought it was funny.  Jace thought it was a perfect example of why he should stay on the nice, dry sand.  He had a great time though.  And someone had drawn a huge spiral in the sand and he walked around and around on that, smiling the whole time.
IMG_5656 IMG_5657IMG_5662IMG_5688

Plus, he loved it when we got back to the boardwalk and Daddy “helped” him brush the sand off his feet.  Cute.
IMG_5697 IMG_5698

After the beach, it was time for the rides!  The pictures aren’t great, but Jace had a good time.  The Dumbo ride was a huge hit.  It was hard to catch a smile because he was so darn tired.  He walked sooooo much this day.  Over 3 miles, easily.  He walked the boardwalk, walked to and from the car, walked the beach, and wandered the arcade.  And he never complained once!
IMG_5756 IMG_5772 IMG_5785 IMG_5786

Adam and I went on TWO dates this week.  It was awesome!  Jace hung out with Grandma and Aunt Mel.  They played outside, splashed in the monkey pool, picked a ton of tomatoes, and played a lot of t-ball and basketball.
IMG_5797 IMG_5799

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to the IronPigs game.  Jace was excited.  He knows he’s an IronPiglet, so he talked about baseball, pigs, piglets, and fun the whole drive to the park.  It was a really hot day.  We played in the kid zone and Jace got to practice his batting.  He’s getting pretty good!  And we made sure Cherie got to try bacon-on-a-stick.  Delicious.
IMG_5877 IMG_5884 IMG_5885 IMG_5929

Lastly, this Tuesday was Play-Catch-on-the-Field-with-a-Mascot day for the IronPiglets.  It was another ridiculously hot day, but we got out there anyways.  Jace was only mildly interested in playing catch.  And not interested at all in playing catch with a mascot.  The mascots (a strip of bacon, a pulled pork sandwich, a hambone, a hot dog, and two pigs – FeFe and FeRROUS) were very friendly.  They were playing catch, taking pictures, and signing autographs.  And Jace made sure we stayed a good 10 feet from all of them.  When the pulled pork sandwich got too close, Jace burst into tears.  We’ll try for a mascot picture next year, maybe!
IMG_6305 IMG_6306

While he didn’t care much about playing catch, he was very happy to wander the outfield.  He looked pretty cute in his IronPigs hat.  And he kept his hands in his pockets or behind his back while he wandered.  Very cute.
IMG_6319 IMG_6318  IMG_6311 IMG_6312

Eventually, we did convince him to play a little bit of catch.  Then it was off to lunch and then to the airport.  Jace is missing Aunt Mel and Grandma already!
IMG_6324 IMG_6336

Catch on the Field – video


3 thoughts on “Grandma and Aunt Mel

  1. Is it just me, or is the video link not working? Everything else looks totally cute and fun (except the scary pulled pork sandwich, that is).

  2. I don’t think I can properly to reply to your blog anymore until you change your headline. You’re missing a key player!!! Adam, SallyRose and Jacen. Cuervo, Cody and Claire. And baby boy to be. Or new baby on the way. Or baby coming soon. I keep looking and waiting.. But it hasn’t changed yet.. And do we get to see a larger sonogram picture? And see a baby registry ? It’s ok if you put things on there for Jace too. I’m down. I’m just soooo excited!

    Ok. Now the trip, seriously awesome! Looks like serious fun!!!!

    I want to come and visit!

    Ok. Did you change the headline yet??

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