The Zoo!

We went to the zoo!  Jace has been quite excited about the zoo lately.  The zoo is featured in most of his favorite books, we have zoo animals all over the walls, and the letter “z” on his magnet set talks about going to the zoo.  So, when I asked if Jace wanted to go to the zoo, he was super excited.  We went with our friends, Heather and Cara, and Jace had a great time.  In fact, we got in the car and I was typing the address into the GPS and Jace said, “Nooo.  Drive.  Zoo.  Now!”  We went last Tuesday, but it’s taken me this long to get pictures up.  Oops.  Anyways, here’s our fun zoo adventure!

First up, the coin spinning thing.  Big hit.
IMG_5053 IMG_5054

It was a a toss-up which was more fun – seeing the animals or climbing on the fences!
IMG_5061 IMG_5068

Jace got the chance to brush some goats.  He loved being in the pen with the goats, but wasn’t crazy about the idea of brushing them.  He preferred to hold the brush length-wise and touch the goats with the brush.  He found it hilarious, actually.
IMG_5076 IMG_5083

One of the highlights for Jace was the nature walk area.  It’s especially for toddlers.  Jace got to use a magnifying glass to examine animals along the “trail”.  He was pretty excited about the bird.  Then, he got bold and walked the “trail” by himself several times.  On his last pass, he spotted a big butterfly.  It was blue and really pretty!
IMG_5096 IMG_5095  IMG_5101 IMG_5105

By the end of all this, the kids were pretty tired.  They were happy to sit in the wagon and snack while we walked to the zoo exit.  Though Jace was energetic about seeing the “doggies” – wolves….
IMG_5111 IMG_5112

We left the zoo and discovered that you have to drive across a river to exit.  Very weird.  When you cross the river, you can see herds of elk and buffalo.  I pulled over to point at the buffalo for Jace, but he was already asleep.  Heather called and said Cara fell asleep about two minutes after she got in her car seat.  The zoo was exhausting – but lots of fun!
IMG_5127 IMG_5129 IMG_5132 IMG_5134

In other news, Jace has been getting up bright and early.  We head downstairs and he dumps out a toy, then decides he’s not awake enough to sit up to play with it.  This is a common occurrence.  I wish he would just sleep in!  But once he wakes up a bit, he’s unstoppable.  He can drag a chair all over the kitchen and use it to climb on the counters, the microwave, and any other surface he sees.  He calls it being “tall”.  He’ll wander into the kitchen, grab the chair, and announce “tall!”  Cute, but definitely not the most relaxing activity for 6am….
IMG_5171 IMG_5173

Jace went through a phase where he was addicted to the iPad.  He’s pretty much over that now – just likes it for a few games or shows every now and then – but he has recently discovered Angry Birds.  He likes to make the star show up.  He can’t figure out how to send the birds forward, so he turns the iPad upside down….  This way when he pulls the birds back, they fly forward.  It’s funny.  He’s so excited when the star shows up at the end of the level!
IMG_5179 IMG_5178

Other pictures….  Jace fell asleep with his head in his hand.  I thought it was cute.  Also, he sized up in shoes!  What do you think?!  Alright, so maybe those are Daddy’s shoes, but he DID size up.  He’s officially a size 7 now!
IMG_5180 IMG_5200

Jace was so excited to go to the park the other morning.  He was running down the path and he tripped.  So sad.  He put his arms out, but he had a lot of momentum and his head hit the path.  He cried.  I suggested we go home and get an ice pack.  He said “no, park” and was on his feet and running down the path again right away.  He’s so tough!  We did use ice when we got home.  For about 2 seconds.  Then we hung out on the couch and watched an episode of Daniel Tiger.  Adam always has a pillow in his lap while he watches TV, so Jace has to have a pillow in his lap too.  It’s adorable.  The pillow is almost as big as he is!
IMG_5209 IMG_5210

Lastly, we woke up Sunday morning to practically a disaster situation….  We were out of chocolate milk!  But Jace knew the solution.  “Milk.  Chocolate.  More.  Buy.  Weis.  Trike.”  And that’s just what we did.  Took the trike, headed to Weis, and bought some chocolate milk.  Jace walked the entire way to the store, rode on his trike while we shopped (and ate his free cookie), then wanted to walk all the way home.  I put the milk in the basket on the trike, but he wasn’t happy with that.  He insisted on carrying it.  No big deal at first, but then it started to get heavy.  But he powered through!  And we had cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk for breakfast.  ‘Cause we’re healthy like that.  And it made Jace super happy!  🙂  🙂


2 thoughts on “The Zoo!

  1. Your zoo trip looks like such a fun time! And those coin rolling things are mesmerizing. I can just sit there, pouring hundreds of dollars in pennies down those things, one at a time. But anyway, I love the toddler walk with magnifying glasses! Just in general, you are giving Jace such a happy, exciting, social, interesting life! xoxoxo

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