Sleep is Magical!

Guess what?!  Jace sleeps!!!!  It’s pretty much awesome.  Adam and I are thrilled.  For the past week, Jace has had a 7:30pm bath, then started the whole bedtime routine.  That part still is a bit of a battle, but he’s usually sleeping by 9:30 or 10pm.  Sometimes he wakes up briefly around midnight, but it’s usually pretty easy to get him back to sleep.  He often wakes up around 6am.  Sometimes he goes back to sleep for another hour or two, and sometimes he’s up for the day.  But when he’s up for the day, he climbs out of bed, walks into our room, and pats me on the shoulder.  No tears.  No screaming from his bed.  No 15 minute wake-up-slowly-otherwise-I’ll-be-crabby-all-day phase.  Just a pretty decent night and a cheerful morning.  IT’S SO GREAT!

In other news, it’s been a busy week of playdates, but I didn’t take many pictures.  I did take a picture of Jace in the kennel (it was so quiet during my shower that I was getting nervous – but when I got out to check, Jace was just happily cuddling with Cuervo in the kennel).  Nice!  And then a cute picture of naptime.

Jace and I went to the park near our house for a picnic lunch.  The weather was great.  It was hot at the beginning of the week (90F), but mid-to-late week was wonderful weather in the low 80s.  Jace looooves his sunglasses.  He likes to look at the sky and say “bright, bright, bright”, then he closes his eyes until I give him his glasses.  He puts them on (upside-down about 50% of the time) and says “better”, then goes back to playing.  It’s so much fun having him talking more and more each day!
IMG_4692 IMG_4693

Jace was playing and some how managed to cut his thumb.  We got out a bandaid and he was pretty psyched.  I sat next to him and turned the camera around so he could see himself as we took pictures.  He was into it!  These are the best of the, ummm, 20+ pictures we took of Jace and his truck bandaid.
IMG_4699 IMG_4703

Jace loves to move.  He also loves to do anything you do.  “Hep” (help) and “doit” (do it) are among his favorite words.  He has always liked playing in the car, but lately he has added a new step to his routine.  Instead of just climbing in the car and driving, he now makes sure he “buckles” his seat belt first.  He can’t get the belt all the way across, but he does loop it over his arm and push the red button before driving the car.  Video below.  It’s just so cute how he copies EVERYTHING he sees us doing!
IMG_4708 IMG_4710

A New Step to the Routine

We had a water playdate with some friends the other day.  Jace got all excited because he thought we were going to the pool.  Instead, we just got dressed in swimwear and headed to our friends to play with their water table and baby pool.  The whole drive home Jace kept saying “swim, pool, swim, pool”.  We got home, had some lunch, and I offered to take him to the pool.  His response?!  He carried the iPad upstairs, lay down (kinda) on his bed, and watched Daniel Tiger.  I said “pool?” and he said “tiger”.  And that was that!

After an episode of Daniel Tiger, he was ready to go back outside.  His interest in the pool was completely gone, so we just played in the yard.  We made (marginally successful) “exploding sidewalk paint”.  It was entertaining.
IMG_4721 IMG_4724

With no nap, Jace was getting a tiny bit cranky, but our neighbor came to the rescue.  She bought donuts for her coworkers and offered one to Jace.  I encouraged Jace to take one of the small, glazed donuts.  He nodded at me and reached for it, but then he saw the chocolate-filled, chocolate-frosted donut – covered in chocolate chips.  His eyes lit up and he said “chip? cholate?”  The neighbor nodded and that was that.  Jace ate – or wore – every bite of that donut.  And the sugar rush kept him happy til bed time!
IMG_4728 IMG_4727

And THAT is the summary of our week!  From sleep to chocolate, all in all, pretty good!


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