Sometimes I don’t post because we haven’t really done “anything”.  Then, when I do get cute pictures (like the scooter pictures at the end of this post!) it forces me to sort through all the other pictures I’ve taken.  And then I always realize that while we haven’t done anything big, we’ve still done a ton of stuff that I felt the need to capture in pictures….  So here are the pictures from our past week!

Sometimes we stay in jammies for most of the morning.  Those are usually our creative mornings.  While in jammies, Jace did some painting with cookie cutters.  He played with a pompom game.  He pretended to take a nap on the stairs (and he thought it was hilarious).  And then, when Bear tumbled down the stairs, he got an ice pack to ice Bear’s foot.  Very cute.  He was quite concerned with Bear.  He also likes to have his morning apple juice popsicle while in jammies.  And he likes to have it in his couch fort!
IMG_3917 IMG_3919 IMG_3918  IMG_3920 IMG_3921

During the past week, we celebrated 7-Eleven day (we went to four different 7-Elevens!) and Cow Appreciation Day at Chick fil A (we went to two Chick fil A’s….  Jace loved the food but didn’t love the costume).
IMG_4036 IMG_4037

Weekends are the best because Adam’s home.  Yaaaay!
IMG_4650 IMG_4655
IMG_4042 IMG_4049

We’ve spent a lot of time outside lately.  Jace likes to ride on his trike.  When he wants to walk, he helps me push the trike.  We haven’t quite figured out turning….  What Jace HAS figured out is POCKETS!  He will be playing with my keys and all of a sudden I’ll realize they’re not in his hand anymore.  I look everywhere until I realize that he’s got them in his pocket.  He’s pretty excited about pockets.
IMG_4133 IMG_4163

We had a really fun playdate at our house with Jace’s three best friends.  It’s such a great group of kids.  The moms are all nice and all get along well – and the kids are all sweet and play well together.  It’s really fun to have all “nice” kids.  No fighting, no pushing, no screaming.  Just lots of fun!  And as long as you have plenty of cheese, crackers, and grapes on hand, the kids seem to have a great time too!
IMG_4207 IMG_4210 IMG_4211 IMG_4215

Jace has a mild iPad addiction.  He calls the iPad “hup high”.  He likes to watch Elmo and “kitty” (Daniel Tiger) on the PBS Kids app.
IMG_4227 IMG_4228

Jace loves the tomatoes!  We have a bunch of plants, so there’s almost always a few tomatoes that are ready to be picked.  Jace knows that he can’t pick the green ones.  He does a great job looking for red ones, then picking them carefully.  His definition of red is getting a bit lax though….  But he eats the orange and yellow tomatoes he picks, so I guess I can’t complain!
IMG_4229 IMG_4230

The kitties both took over Jace’s laundry basket while we were doing wash.  And Jace has discovered a new way to play with his t-ball set – he pitches the ball to Adam!  They’re a pretty good team.  I tried to get a video, but in the only decent one I got, Jace throws the ball, Adam hits it, and it’s a line-drive into Jace’s toes.  Which results in tears.  Not the best video to post….  It’s a fun game so I’m sure I’ll get more chances.IMG_4231 IMG_4232

Speaking of videos, here are two videos don’t involve crying!

Choo-Choo (video)
Jace likes trains.  We moved his wooden table into the dining room while I was cleaning the carpets in the playroom.  For some reason that has inspired him to use his table all the time!  We have snack there, play with playdough, and – most often – play with his train!

Playing and Bouncing with Daddy – video
I told you weekends were more fun ’cause Daddy’s home.  So cute!

And lastly, we picked up a used scooter for Jace the other day.  And it’s a huge hit!  Initially he just wanted to be pushed around while he stood still.  But he got the idea of propelling himself pretty quickly.
IMG_4473 IMG_4475

I figured we’d step it up this morning and try scootering outside.  I’ve always considered our street flat.  I’m wrong.  It is not flat.  It is very much sloped.  Which is very fun for Jace, but I also learned that he has no desire to prevent a crash.  If he’s headed straight for the curb, he’ll just hang on and keep going.  Hence the abrupt ending to the video….  But I caught him and after that I knew to stand downhill from the scooter at all times!  Jace did a great job riding – and a great job pushing the scooter back up the hill to ride again.  And he was so darn cute on the scooter!  Loved it.
IMG_4484 IMG_4496 IMG_4526 IMG_4528 IMG_4530 IMG_4532

Scootering – video



3 thoughts on “Scootering!

  1. I can’t believe he can balance on his scooter! That’s AMAZING!! I think you’re gonna have an athlete on your hands. Start saving your money NOW. 🙂

  2. Great week of fun fun fun. It’s so cute that he helps you with everything. The scooter looks fun. He looked around while he was moving! Very talented. I showed Rod the costumes at Chi Fil-A. He didn’t notice Adams EARS!!!!! So funny. You sure have full fun days!!! Thanks for letting me know you posted.

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