Trucks and T-Ball

Jace loves the new car.  After we pull into the garage, he likes to get down from his car seat and sit in the car until the light from the garage door clicks off.  Then he can play in the dark.  He can make all kinds of lights turn on – the interior lights, the headlights, the tail lights, the radio, the digital displays, and so much more.  I roll down the car window and leave the door to the garage open and he’s happy for a good 15 minutes.  IMG_3817

He also loves the remote control on the key.  He had a scary experience with the panic button, so he avoids that one now.  But he likes making the key pop out of the base, he likes locking and unlocking the doors, and he loves popping the trunk.  Hence the video.  It’s a great rainy day activity, right?

New Car Keys – video

We had a big storm in our area a week or two ago.  Lots of branches – and entire trees – were torn down.  The township told everyone to put their branches on the curb and that they’d send a yard waste crew to pick everything up.  When Jace and I heard the trucks, we hurried outside to watch.  We were in such a hurry that we didn’t bother to get dressed.  Or put on shoes.  Turns out we didn’t need to hurry.  It took them over 2 hours (and 5 dump trucks) to pick up all the branches in our cul-de-sac.  We watched for about 90 minutes.  Jace was fascinated by all the trucks.  Eventually we went inside because Jace was hungry.  A bowl of crackers and a view of the trucks from the window kept Jace entertained while I showered and got dressed.  And prevented him from throwing my phone into the shower again!
IMG_3819 IMG_3826

Two random pictures from the week….  Playing catch with Jace is scary.  Scary!  He winds up to throw, but you never know how long the wind up will last.  In this picture we were playing catch with playdough, so I really shouldn’t have been so scared….  But I’ve played catch with baseballs and golf balls enough times to know my fear is founded!  The next picture is Jace in his sunglasses today.  He loves sunglasses.  He was playing peek a boo with me while I was driving.  One time he “hid” behind his glasses for longer than usual.  Turns out he fell asleep!
IMG_3841 IMG_3842

Lastly, here are pictures from this afternoon.  It was gorgeous weather.  I said, “Jace, wanna go to the pool?” “Ummm, nooooo.”  “Wanna go swim?”  “Ummm, nooooo.”  “What do you want to do?”  “Run.”  “Run?  Run where?”  “Outside.”  And that’s what we did.  He got his shoes, opened the back door, walked into the grass, and proceeded to run back and forth and back and forth.  Silly!  When he finally tired himself out, we switched to t-ball and the stomp rocket.

T-Ball and the Stomp Rocket – video

Check out his form!  Home run hitter for sure!  🙂  🙂
IMG_3853 IMG_3855


One thought on “Trucks and T-Ball

  1. Seriously- such a boy! Playing with keys, watching trucks, throwing! I loved how excited he was- sooooo cute!!! Playing baseball- and yes- the best form I’ve ever seen! Running, running, stomping! Falling asleep behind sunglasses. Classic boy. Seriously- he’s too cute! And you have sooo much fun! 😎

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