Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!  To celebrate, we headed over to our friends’ house for a barbeque.  We took a fruit plate (it’s Elmo, get it?! – Jace helped me make it and ate an impressive number of blueberries) and we took a plate of caprese salad (with homegrown basil and homegrown tomatoes – yay!).

Jace and Jack loved the fruit.  I could get them to look up from their plates long enough for a picture, but I couldn’t get them to stop eating long enough to smile….
IMG_3240 IMG_3247

Eventually, we cut them off from the fruit plate.  Usually Jace and Jack play independently – near each other, but definitely not together.  But this time it was different!  They had a great time running in and out of the playhouse.  They would open and close the windows and surprise each other.  It was really fun to watch!
IMG_3251 IMG_3261

Then it was time for dinner.  Jace looooves hot dogs.  I think he’s going through a growth spurt, because he has been eating like crazy lately.  He ate 3 hot dogs!  Wasn’t very impressed with the corn on the cob though….
IMG_3267 IMG_3268

We had a mini fireworks show in the backyard.  Very mini.  But it was cute and the boys seemed to be pretty impressed.  Jace really liked the cloud of smoke that each firework produced.  He is all about clouds lately.  Anyways, after eating a ton for dinner, then having cookies for dessert, we headed to the car to drive home.  Jace got a hold of the fruit plate again and polished off the strawberries.  At least it’s healthy, right?
IMG_3269 IMG_3270

It was a fun night.  Jace got to bed a bit late, but it made it easier to convince him to sleep in a tiny bit in the morning.  Then we headed downstairs for a healthy breakfast.  A popsicle and Elmo on the iPad.  Yay!  Jace finished up the day by helping Adam build our new dresser and then playing outside and helping me pick tomatoes.  A relaxing weekend!
IMG_3272 IMG_3279


3 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. Loved this post! I liked seeing how the boys interacted, and all eyes looking at the sky for fireworks! Fun fun!

  2. Totally jealous of your garden and the fact that you’re already getting tomatoes! Your salads were gorgeous. And it’s so cool to see Jace and Jack playing together! That’s a big step!

  3. I love the moment with Adam and Jace building together ❤️
    That’s awesome that Jace play- played with Jack! That’s so heart warming 😀
    The Elmo was sooo cute. Was that basalmic reduced on top of those tomatoes and mozzarella, I noticed? You seriously are super mom! Impressive! 😉

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