Cars and Trucks

Jace is into such macho things.  He loves playing in the car, loves pretending to drive, and is obsessed with trucks.  We had a huge storm in our area and a lot of people lost trees.  Jace liked watching the guys with chainsaws cut the trees apart and he liked watching the trees being fed into the mulcher.

Vroom, Vroom! – video

The picture on the left is what was left of MY piece of blackberry toast after Jace said “share?”  I handed him my entire, uneaten piece of toast and went back to the stove to finish scrambling the eggs.  When I came back to the table, this little bite was on my plate.  Jace smiled, pointed at it, and said “Mama”.  He shared too.  He’s actually pretty great at sharing.  When we were at the park with our friends, Jace sat in his stroller and passed out raisins – one at a time – to his friends.  It was cute.
IMG_3128 IMG_3129

Walking to the park takes a while lately.  Jace likes to bring a ball with him.  And he doesn’t like to just carry the ball to the park.  Nope, he likes to throw it and chase it down.  Over and over.  By the time we get to the park, he’s worn out!
IMG_2728 IMG_2732

The trike continues to be a big hit.  He can’t reach the pedals fully, yet, but he loves to ride his trike.  He figured out that the storage compartment on the back can be tipped over, so that’s a new fun game.  And he lets me know when we’re done at the pool because he announces “home”, climbs out of the pool, grabs his towel, and climbs on his trike.  Then he sits there waiting for me to dry off, gather toys, and get my shoes.  Semi-patiently.  It’s a good walk home though, because usually he’s ready for a box of raisins.  Steering the trike isn’t too bad when Jace has his hands occupied with other things.  But when he decides to “help” – things get tricky!
IMG_3228 IMG_3229

Blowing Bubbles – video
Jace figured it out!  It’s awesome ’cause he doesn’t end up with a face covered in bubble soap anymore!

Lastly, here’s one more picture from when Grandma and Grandpa came to visit.  The morning they left, I ran a quick errand.  I guess they played with camera phones while I was gone.  I didn’t see this picture until after my last post, but I really liked it!  Cute!!!!


One thought on “Cars and Trucks

  1. He’s such a boy! It’s amazing how boys just know how to make good boy noises, must be in their boy genes. Blowing bubbles is good for speech development- good for producing certain sounds 👊🏻😉 that’s awesome- just like him and his shirt! Trike? No no! Mini dump truck. Ha. Great sharer indeed! You got a bite! You’ll have to start making bigger portions soon so you’ll get a bigger bite!

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