Grandma and Grandpa – Part 1 of 2 – Playing and Swimming

iPhones are so dangerous!  I ended up with over 800 pictures from the eight days we spent with my parents.  Oops!  I narrowed it down, then narrowed it down, then narrowed it down some more.  But I still think it’s too much for one post.  So, here’s part one of two.

My parents came to visit!

The drive to the airport was interesting.  Jace was super excited initially, then we dropped Cuervo at day camp, got a cheese roll up for a snack, and hit the toll road.  And Jace promptly passed out – pinwheel in hand and all!
IMG_1502 IMG_1503

The drive was fine, but as we were sitting in the cell phone waiting area (we got there 2 hours early due to nap schedules), my car started to get warmer and warmer.  And warmer.  Jace couldn’t sleep because it was so hot.  Turns out my a/c broke.  Sigh!  We hung out in the airport for a few hours (hurray for elevators and escalators), then had a very loud and windy drive home with all the windows open!

Car shopping wasn’t initially on the agenda for their visit, but it worked out well enough.  And Jace loooooooves riding in the backseat of the car with Grandma.  LOVES it.  Between Grandma and the new push button light that is directly above his car seat, the car is becoming Jace’s favorite place to play.
IMG_2299 IMG_2471

He also continues to be addicted to the iPad.  He skipped his nap one day, so I figured he could play on the iPad while we made dinner.  iPads destroy melatonin and keep you awake and all that, right?  Well, about two minutes later, Jace was sound asleep with Elmo singing at him at full volume.
IMG_1767 IMG_1800

He was cranky when we woke him up for dinner and bath time, but a tub full of bubbles helped cheer him up.  He’s so cute.  He likes to fill his hands with bubbles, then clap.  The bubbles go everywhere!  Then he waits patiently while Adam wipes off his eyes, then he turns to me and wipes off my eyes.  He’s so sweet!
IMG_1809 IMG_1810

But eventually we got into a good schedule.  Jace had SO MUCH FUN with Grandma and Grandpa (Gwah and Pa).  He rode his bike.
IMG_1806 IMG_1807

He and Grandma had a battle with mister bottles.  He played with all of his stuffed animals.  And he showed Grandma and Grandpa around Crayola.
IMG_2286 IMG_2287  IMG_2480 IMG_2481

My parents got to go on a tour of Adam’s quarry.  And then they kept an eye on Jace so I got a chance to see the quarry too!  Very interesting tour.  Adam has so much responsibility.  Wow.
IMG_2266 IMG_2267 IMG_2268

For the most part, we had pretty nice weather while Grandma and Grandpa were in town.  We triked to the pool a few times (Jace really likes his trike!).  Last year, Jace wasn’t walking during pool season.  This year?  This year he’s walking all over the toddler pool!  I love that the pool starts at 9″ and ends at 2′ deep.  It’s Jace-sized!IMG_2270 (1) IMG_2270 (2) IMG_2270 (3) IMG_2270 (4)

One of Jace’s favorite pool activities?  Give Grandma and Grandpa an arm workout!  He loved being dipped into the water.  He would laugh and scream and then say “ghen!” as soon as he was back on the deck!
IMG_2270 (5) IMG_2270 (6) IMG_2270 (7) IMG_2270 (8) IMG_2270 (9) IMG_2270 (10)

It was a great visit.  Lots of fun.  Lots of activities.  Lots of playing cards in the evenings.  Tomorrow(ish), I’ll post the baseball and strawberry picking pictures!
IMG_2643 IMG_2644


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