Jumpin’ Jace!

It’s been a week since my last post.  We’ve been having fun, just not doing anything huge and picture worthy….  But here are a few pictures from our week!

The cable/internet guy came over to replace our router.  Jace was fascinated.  The guy kept asking Jace if he wanted to help, but Jace insisted on sitting on his trike and watching from a distance.  It was cute.  After the guy left, I tried to make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  Turns out Jace only wanted the chocolate chips….  That’s a healthy and well-rounded breakfast!

Jace has been playing with his friends.  Cara came over and she and Jace actually worked on a puzzle together.  It’s cute watching Jace and his friends start to interact with each other while they’re playing!  Jace is also friends with our nextdoor neighbor.  She’s been trying for almost a year to get Jace to warm up to her, and it finally happened.  Now anytime she’s outside, Jace is happy to help pick up sticks, sweep the driveway (loves it), or follow her around while she does chores.  Cute, cute.
IMG_1006 IMG_1012

Jace still loves the swings, but now he likes hanging out at the big kid swings.  When he wants to go really high, we switch to the baby swings, but he does a great job holding on at the big kid swings!  The next picture is a picture of rain.  We’ve been having hot and humid weather (90s) with afternoon/evening thunderstorms.  They come on quick!  It will be sunny and nice and five minutes later it’s pouring!
IMG_1260 IMG_1269

Bath time with Daddy just got even more exciting – NIGHTLY BUBBLE BATHS!
IMG_1307 IMG_1297

Jace found the sled in the basement.  And decided it was time to use it.  Didn’t want to sit on the sled all winter, but now?  Now he’s happy to be dragged around the yard.  He’s also pretty happy with his new bottle of bubbles.  We spend a lot of time playing on in our yard.
IMG_1375 IMG_1492

This is a toy that Jace has had for a while now.  He lost interest in it for a few months, but it’s back to the top of his toy list now.  He loves it!  He likes when the toy asks “Can you give me a hug?”  He smiles, nods yes, then gives him a hug.  Cute!
IMG_1317 IMG_1334

Can You Give Me A Hug? – video
In fact, it’s so cute, that I took a video.  The first part is just the song, but then you can hear the request for a hug.  Cute, cute, cute.

Climbing at Crayola – video
I meant to post this video a few weeks ago, but forgot somehow.

Jace Can (Kinda) Jump! – video
Not his best example of jumping, but it’s the best one we have on film.  And he’s so proud of himself!

Somersaults? – video
Showing off another physical feat!


One thought on “Jumpin’ Jace!

  1. He’s such a chocolate-y, swinging, bubbly, sledding, jumping dude! Did I mention happy? And that he’s adorable recently?

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